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The Mix Up

November 3, 2008

What a week in football! It was great! Any week that Texas loses is a great week! The polls are getting fun too! There are so many potentials that it is crazy! With Texas going down Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and a couple others have a chance now for the national title. Wait, Colt McCoy lost? Oh right he isn’t superman. Now Harrell, Bradford and Robinson have a shot at the Heisman too! For the sake of space and the fact that you all can see the polls if you really care, here’s what we got.

Brook James Top 10
1. Alabama (the only team that has consistently played well while playing good teams)
2. Texas Tech (Texas has beaten everyone…and looked a little rough against a couple Oklahoma teams)
3. Penn State (about to lose my vote for being ranked so high since their conference sucks and they can’t prove it)
4. Texas (I hate them, but they still deserve to be here…for now)
5. Oklahoma (the defense and special teams actually looked like they knew what they were doing this week and still no one can shut down the offense)
6. Oklahoma State (still playing great and have only lost to Texas, but biggest games are still to come)
7. Florida (made everyone else see what I have been thinking about Georgia since the start)
8. USC (still killing everyone in their high school league…yet still lost to one of them…HA…but I guess I am gonna have to become a fan soon if I move out there)
9. TCU (only lost to OU and I think they are better than Utah and Boise State…we shall see)
10. Boise State (don’t think they are amazing, but that has happened before…beyond that, is there anyone else in the top 25? didn’t think so)

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  1. Kevin permalink
    November 4, 2008 6:46 PM

    I’m pissed that Harrell is considered for the Heisman. For the last several years, every QB at Tech has put up ridiculous numbers (Symons, Kingsbury, etc) and never been considered for the Heisman because it was “the system” they were playing in. Why, in the same system with the same numbers, is Harrell an elite QB? He has a better defense, somewhat of a running game and Crabtree, which all equal a better record than past Tech teams…but not a reason for him to be considered elite. Not saying he isn’t skilled, but I can’t give him credit if the other Tech QBs (along with Chang from Hawaii a few years back) weren’t given credit. Even though I’m not an OU fan, it’s tough not to give the Heisman to Bradford. He is the main reason their offense is so ridiculous. Either him or Dez Bryant (10 fewer catches than Crabtree and 100 more yards, 2nd in nation in yards and scoring, tied for most receiving TDs…plus kick/punt returns) – although a receiver won’t get it.

    I would say:
    1-4 the same
    5 Florida (lost to a decent Ole Miss team, and dominated Kentucky, LSU and Georgia)
    6 Oklahoma State (won at then #3 Missouri, lost at #1 Texas by only 4)
    7 Oklahoma (lost to a lower ranked Texas on a neutral field – only reason for putting them behind OSU)
    8 USC
    9 Georgia (overrated, but should be a TCU, Boise State or Utah)
    10 TCU (really, I don’t believe in TCU, BSU or Utah but I can’t put Ohio State here)

    that’s all

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