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It Sold!

October 31, 2008

Our house SOLD! All the other houses on the street that have been up for sale for much longer will be sooooo jealous. Well, officially it’s under contract but it’s sold! Now comes the waiting period.

I don’t like this part. We now have to get through a 10 waiting period that the buyer can back out for any reason and then they have another 15 days to get the loan. If those things all to well we are probably good. We aren’t totally in the clear until the closing but still…woo hoo!

At the moment we are thinking about a move in mid to later November. Yes that means packing everything up and hitting the road. Not sure I’m looking forward to that drive but we can do it. Guess the Snyder’s better start gettig that guest bedroom ready (please?)! Kidding. Well…kinda.

Anyway thanks for all the prayers and support. We still have some big decisions to make so you don’t have to stop praying yet.

(ps- we need to have a farewell poker night sometime before we pack everything up! You down?)

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