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1 Year Old Oklafornians

November 19, 2009

Well, it is official.  One year ago today was our first full day of living in California and being Oklafornians.  We didn’t have a place.  We didn’t have jobs, but we knew God had us here for a reason and we were excited about our new SoCal lives!  Since then our lives have been pretty non-stop with so many different things.  We have met new people, moved to Huntington Beach, started working at Kingsfield Church and House Of Blues, enjoyed concerts thanks to the House Of Blues, lost 35 lbs., oh, and got pregnant!  It was a great first year.  But now it is time to look forward to what year 2 may have for us.

I might as well just start with this one.  Obviously we are so excited about our first born baby girl coming this March!  We are very ready for her to be here.  We have things already waiting on her and I know my wife is ready to finish up this pregnancy thing!  Also we are looking forward to the awesome things that God is doing in so many lives in Orange County through Kingsfield Church.  I’m looking forward to keeping off the weight I lost this past year and hoping to find a soccer league of some sorts to join.  I can’t wait to date my wife some more, too!  And those are just a few things!

The biggest thing though is that we want to live our lives for the glory of God.  I wanna be a dad that points my daughter in the direction of Christ.  I want to point those who come to church toward God.  I want Christ to be the center of our marriage and keep learning how to be a better husband and daddy.  I know that I am not capable of doing these things on my own, though.  So if you want to pray for me, those are the things you can pray for me.  If those things happen, the rest will be cake.  Thank you for all of you who have been and continue to pray for us.  We are very grateful!

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  1. November 19, 2009 10:55 AM

    i love living here with you! and i love being pregnant! wait….no….get this child out of me 🙂 It has been a great year with you though!

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