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God Sized Vision

November 12, 2009

One of the greatest things I learned while working at was to dream big dreams.  Dream so big that there is no way you could pull it off on your own.  Dream a dream that only God can fulfill.  When this vision lines up with God’s will and purpose they can be world changing.  I have seen some of these ideas and dreams happen.  I have seen the way that God has placed them and used them to completely change the way we think and act.  I have seen world changing, God given visions.

When God puts a God sized vision on your life, you have to chase after it.  You have to follow the places that He takes you, learn the things that He is teaching you and stretch in the ways He is stretching you.  There is God reasoning behind what you are going through.  He doesn’t let things happen by accident.  That doesn’t mean things won’t get tough, though.  I have a God sized vision that I believe wholeheartedly that He has placed in me.  It wasn’t where I thought my life was going.  It wasn’t the plan I had for myself, but so far it has been so far beyond everything that I came up with that it’s not even funny!

Recently I had one of those days.  You know, the tough ones.  It wasn’t because anything happened, but rather just a day of doubt.  I started doubting the steps.  I was brought to that wonderfully painful place of not knowing how I was ever gonna get from here to there.  It is painful because our human nature screams “you can figure this out by yourself!”.  But it is such a great place because when I was brought to that humbling place of just wanting to throw in the towel, God showed me what He was trying to teach me.  The same old stupid human trick.  My flesh thinks that it is in charge and capable, but the truth is, as with all God sized visions, I am not capable.  HE ALONE IS ABLE.  If I ever get to that place of fulfilling my God sized vision He has given me, it will be for the glory of God because I can’t get me there.  I don’t know how to lead people there.  But I want to be willing and available for Him to teach me and stretch me and mold my life into the vision that He has placed before me.

What is the God sized vision that He has given you?

Worship Band In The Sun

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