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October 31, 2009

Plastic Army Man CostumeOnce again it is that wonderful night of year when you either have/go to a party and dress up or you stay home and have a nice quiet night in and turn off the lights and hope no one knocks on your door because you forgot it was Halloween and didn’t buy any candy, which really turns out to be quite annoying because you constantly have to stop the movie because there are people at your door and you have to be quiet so they will leave and go to the next house.  Don’t get all offended.  You know you have done both.  So have I.  The problem is that this year Halloween is on a Saturday and there are football games on that I wanna watch AND I didn’t buy any candy.  Guess I’ll have to go to the store so I don’t have to be quiet during the games.

Yoda Dog CostumeMy favorite part of Halloween is all of the random ridiculous costumes that people wear and the random places that you see them.  I guess I was never brave enough to wear my Halloween costume (yes, family I mean after I grew out of the cape…that was different) out to the normal places.  But now I really enjoy walking down the bread isle at Albertson’s and seeing Mario and Luigi.  You have to admit that it is pretty funny to stop at a red light and look over and see the Cowardly Lion driving a Dodge Stratus.  (I drive…I…I drive a Dodge Stratus!)  Makes me want to just randomly start dressing up in costumes and go through my daily life, but in ridiculous clothes at random times of the year just to brighten people’s day a little.

I was trying to think today of the different costumes I have had in the past.  Actually my sisters and mother would probably be able to tell you more than I can.  These were all I could come up with.Lobster Baby Costume

  • Football player
  • Raggedy Andy (thank you, mom, for allowing me as a little kid to dress up like a doll)
  • Clown (sorry Cayce, that’s probably where it started)
  • Dwight K. Shrute
  • Jack Bauer (the man not the dog)
  • Guy in a wheelchair (yeah, yeah, yeah, not my proudest moment, but it was available and I got lots of candy)

How sad is it that I can only come up with 6 costumes from my entire life?  That can’t be it (although we did go to the Harvest Festivals because they were a great alternative to Halloween and it’s evil!).  What about you?  Do you dress up?  What’s your favorite costume you have ever worn?

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  1. cayce permalink
    October 31, 2009 12:19 PM

    “I…I can do 20 pushups…in an hour!!”

    I was a tiger for about 6 years running. And I was a karate kid for a couple years wearing your karate outfit. Oh gosh the clown. moving along…..oh and Pippy Longstockings with the hanger in my hair. That was probably my favorite.

  2. Adam Dani permalink
    November 2, 2009 10:19 AM

    I seem to remember you wearing a super man cape every where. May not have been for Halloween though.

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