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Payphones, Dialup & Cassettes

October 30, 2009

Evolution Of TechnologyIt’s pretty funny to look back and think about all the massive advances that we have made in technology.  I was a child of the ’80’s so I grew up with cassettes, VCRs, and even some 8 Tracks.  There was no such thing as the Internet to the common person.  We didn’t have a computer.  I would never have understood the Mac Vs. PC debate.  It never would have crossed my mind to have my phone on me so that I could make sure that I was able to receive a message immediately while playing outside from my mom who was inside the house.  But I was young and all my creative juices were spent on entertaining myself and those around me.

I still remember when we got our first computer.  I remember the floppy disks.  That computer was HUGE and the screen was so tiny!  I started on Gorillas, a game of a battle between two gorillas throwing bananas at each other and blowing up the skyline.  Then we advanced to Frogger!  Wow.  Frogger is probably solely responsible for getting the entire next couple generations hooked on video games.  Then there was the Atari, followed by our Nintendo, Gameboy, Super Nintendo and so on.  I remember when we got Prodigy and how terrible and slow it was.  Then we upgraded to AOL!  Oh my was AOL awesome.  Then we realized how not awesome it was as newer things came out.  I remember listening to Peter and the Wolf on our record player and dc Talk on my Walkman.  Fastforward several years and I had myself a Motorola Razr.  That phone was so great!  Then I upgraded to a Blackberry.  How did I ever live with the old phone?  Then I upgraded to an iPhone.  Holy crap!  The world is bright and shiny and new again!

Over the last couple months I have had a few conversations with a couple people about not seeing many payphones anymore.  Granted we live in a very affluent area, but there are plenty of financially hurting people around.  But are we past the age of the necessity of these wonderful, graffitied, and generally dirty and broken machines?  If not, we sure are getting close.  For the last couple days our Internet access at work has been down.  It’s crazy how much work I now feel like I can’t do without the Internet!  It’s amazing how technology changes our lives so drastically.

Those were just a few things that I remember from the beginning of this technological boom.  For those of you that can remember back before the Internet and computers and cell phones, what were the things that you loved and used?  What were your favorites?

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  1. October 30, 2009 9:14 AM

    I loved the Gorilla game with the bananas!!!!!!!!! That was my favorite! I say we get out my old Atari for our kids. They’ll think we’re awesome.

  2. Dennis permalink
    October 30, 2009 12:17 PM

    Record players with vinyl record albums, dial telephones with party lines, and transitor radios were great when I was a kid. Antiques now, I guess!

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