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Obama, Nobel & The BCS

October 29, 2009

As we all know, recently President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  That’s quite an accomplishment for our President.  My life in the past month has been pretty insane and so my only TV watching has consisted of a couple random shows (usually watched on the internet later) and football.  There hasn’t been much talk about the Nobel Peace Prize in between plays.  Now I know there has been lot’s of talk about President Obama not deserving the award and whatnot, but I am not here to add to that.  I have a couple actual questions that I would really be interested to know the answers to.

  • What did President Obama do to deserve such a huge award?  (I’m serious.  No sarcasm.  I really just don’t know the answer to this.)
  • We all know that there are tons of MAJOR issues going on here in America and all over the globe, yet our leader and many others are worried about the BCS.  Does no one else have a problem with this?
  • If President Obama actually could “fix” the BCS to make everyone happy, would he then be worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize?


President Obama With A Football

This would be such a stylish picture if there wasn't all that stuff in the background. Ha!



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  1. October 29, 2009 11:51 AM

    As the family leftist, I feel like I’m obliged to reply to this. Now, I’m not sure if I could care any less about the BCS, or really tell you what it is, other than it has something to do with football and tournaments. Not sure why it came up in the ’08 elections so much, either. Doesn’t seem like something government needs to regulate at all.

    But back to what I’m really interested in, which is the Nobel Peace Prize. First of all, I know this is a hugely esteemed prize, but would you have cared who had won and their legitimacy in doing so if it had not been Obama? Just seems like a perfect excuse for his opponents to try to de-legitimize him, even as they attacked his failed Olympics bid a few weeks before. The whole, ‘who cares if the US fails as long as Obama goes down with the ship’ mentality has really started to wear on me.

    Now that is not saying I wasn’t surprised by the nomination, either. However, I don’t see it as undeserved. Obama stepped into presidency of a country whose recent global practices had left most of the world bitter, if not downright hateful, toward the country. Obama’s attitude generally reflects the opposite end of the spectrum. Whether its the non-proliferation treaty with several nuclear major powers, the peace talks that don’t blatantly favor Israeli interests over Palestinian, the closing of the most public US embarrassment in recent history (Guantanamo), the withdrawal from Iraq, a new attitude toward open talks with Iran and other volitile countries, or just the general idea of hope and progress for everyone, not just those in power. Now, is it wrong to be elected and praised on the basis of an idea? On an attitude, rather than one specific occurence? Or is it more important that the tide of popular anger against the US in the global community has begun to shift in our favor, even as it continues to rage against Obama within the national stage? Is it more important to go rogue and be a maverick, as the US often does, or bring people together to push for progress?

    Obama’s just a guy, and a guy I don’t always agree with, at that. But peace and respect and hope and an admission of guilt or apology when necessary is always worthy of a prize in my book.

    Sorry for the really long comment. You asked.

  2. frank sanchez permalink
    October 29, 2009 4:20 PM

    I hate the BCS! That is the worst system ever imposed upon humankind!

  3. October 29, 2009 11:41 PM

    All three need to be recalled or overhauled.

  4. I'm Brook James permalink*
    October 29, 2009 11:50 PM

    First off, I’m just excited that my little brother reads my blog (even if it is only occasionally when I happen to talk about politics)! Tate, you make some very good points. I am just gonna go ahead and make my thoughts on it a blog post for Monday morning. So, Tate, come back then!

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