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Sunday Expectations

October 24, 2009

Disney Hair ExpectationsSo I always see people that post on Sunday nights about their Sunday reflections.  That’s a good idea, but I never think about it.  Sometimes I do, but usually I don’t.  Maybe because I’m generally exhausted on those days.  So I’m gonna try out some Sunday expectations.  Here are some of m expectations.

Expectation – We are starting setup 30 minutes later this week!  Woo!  That means more sleep!  Yea!  I’m excited about that if you can’t tell.  Our Road Crew team is tearing it up and getting this stuff down to a science.  I am expecting a great Sunday morning not because of anything we are doing or capable of, but because of what God is doing and how He is working here in Orange County!

Expectation – With the coming of the early Sunday mornings also comes the Sunday afternoon naps!  I loooooove my Sunday afternoon naps with the family!  So great.  All four of us curl up on the bed with football on and pass out for a few hours to catch up on sleep since we get up so early in the morning.  We are trying to train our baby girl on this so that this is normal to her after she is born.  I think it will catch on.

Expectation – I am not a very emotional person.  I don’t cry.  I have cried.  There are a few times that I do.  Now, no mocking here because I am just being honest, but I cried in Armageddon, Marley And Me, The Dirty Dozen (that’s a bad reference to an awesome joke, because no guy will ever claim to have seen that movie and every girl that did see it doesn’t get the joke – can any guy name the movie of the joke I’m referring to?), and The Patriot.  I’m sure there have been a few other times throughout my life, but those are the main ones that I can remember.  The Patriot was on last night and I struggle in that movie every time.  When the daughter finally breaks down and tells her daddy that she loves him, I just about lose it (to a guy that means I might have a couple tears and to a girl that means I almost lost my sanity because I have cried so much).  Well, now with a new baby girl on the way, I am wondering if I should start expecting to cry more (and by more I mean like twice as much…so like 2 or 3 times a year).

How’s that for some Sunday expectations?  What are you expecting this week?

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  1. dmjames permalink
    October 25, 2009 4:40 PM

    Every one in our family seems to have the Sunday afternoon nap bug but me (maybe not Tate). Actually I don’t remember you having it until you had to deal with early and full workdays on Sun.
    As far as training the little one to take the afternoon nap? Good luck. Your mom tried it every 9 month interval but it was’t caught til later….please have her trained before you leave her with us for a week!! No, really we will take her anytime!! dad

  2. cayce permalink
    October 25, 2009 8:58 PM

    You’ll cry when she’s born. promise.

  3. J Pettigrew permalink
    October 26, 2009 8:54 AM

    You know I am the movie quote guy… and that is the funniest part of that movie:

    Sam Baldwin: Although I cried at the end of “the Dirty Dozen.”
    Greg: Who didn’t?
    Sam Baldwin: Jim Brown was throwing these hand grenades down these airshafts. And Richard Jaeckel and Lee Marvin
    [Begins to cry]
    Sam Baldwin: were sitting on top of this armored personnel carrier, dressed up like Nazis…
    Greg: [Crying too] Stop, stop!
    Sam Baldwin: And Trini Lopez…
    Greg: Yes, Trini Lopez!
    Sam Baldwin: He busted his neck while they were parachuting down behind the Nazi lines…
    Greg: Stop.
    Sam Baldwin: And Richard Jaeckel – at the beginning he had on this shiny helmet…
    Greg: [Crying harder] Please no more. Oh God! I loved that movie.

    Oh and btw, having girls does make you cry more….


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