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A Whole New World

October 5, 2009

Don’t you dare close your eyes.

Sorry.  Had to do it.  Just couldn’t pass that up.  Anyway, yesterday was our first official Sunday as a church in the theaters of Aliso Viejo.  It was our first Sunday to have a Host Team.  It was our first Sunday to do setup and teardown.  It was our first Sunday to use our new gear.  Apparently it was a first for a lot of things!  But the biggest thing, I think, is that it is a big first step toward what God is leading Kingsfield Church to do here.

For KK and I the morning started out at 4 AM (which is really only early in the morning for those of you crazy people that stay up later than 3 in the afternoon…wait…).  We made our nice little drive and began to get things ready to go.  After a very busy setup filled with searching, finding, not finding and much more we launched our new 8:30 and 10 AM gatherings and then immediately embarked on the task of tearing down quickly in order to meet our 11:30 deadline.  Good times!  Thankfully the Lord has provided us with some AMAZING people around us to help make things happen!  Even before I made it home for naptime I was thoroughly appreciative to all those that made the morning possible.  Without all those setup and teardown people we would have been hurting.  Without all those Host Team people we would have had a ton of people that didn’t know where they were going!

All in all I believe we had a very successful morning of which God was a huge part!  I gotta say, that’s a pretty awesome deal for the chaos of a brand new launch, not to mention a portable one (so if I say not to mention and then follow it with something that I am now mentioning, do I completely contradict myself???)!  Thank you for all your prayers, support, time and energy!  I leave you with my one, only and favorite picture from the morning.

Serve Beer

If you would notice with me the movie that is apparently playing as soon as we clear our kids out of the nursery/theater, I believe you will giggle.

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  1. October 5, 2009 9:43 AM

    (From Facebook)

    boy I remember those days! (set up tear down)…happy to see you are touching more peoplelives, as always! good luck with the new Church! You Rock!

  2. triplatte permalink
    October 5, 2009 10:16 AM

    That’s great! Love the sign! He he.

    Great job you guys…great job!

  3. dad permalink
    October 5, 2009 3:11 PM

    Is “Serve Beer” worth seeing??? Bet it’s not as fun as the kids that were there early….

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