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No CSI For Me This Morning

September 10, 2009

Not being near a campus, I like to go to church online at least once a week.  For the past couple weeks they have had Christine Caine from Hillsong Australia as a guest speaker.  She has done an awesome job so far (at least from what I can tell…I get a little distracted occasionally because I find myself trying to mimic her fun Australian accent).  She has been speaking for the series “Stop Acting Like A Christian. Be One”.  One of the points that she made I really liked and grabbed onto.

If you woke up this morning without a white chalkline around your body God still has a plan
for your life.

How many times do we forget that?  How many times do we wake up and think, blah, it’s just another day.  Well, it’s not!  Are Grissom and Nick Stokes at your house figuring out how you died?  Nope.  You are reading my blog!  You aren’t dead!  There is more to do!  God still wants to use you!  So the question is this.  Since you are not dead and gone, what is it that God wants to do through you?  Don’t EVER be fooled into thinking that you or your life is insignificant!  Just because you don’t work for the church or you aren’t the speaker doesn’t mean that God can’t/won’t use you to reach more people for Him!  Get your head in the game.  Live each day for God because you don’t have a chalk drawing around your body or CSI crawling all over your house and He still has a plan for you!

So which one of these is gonna be you today?

Good Morning GunWaking Up Stretch

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  1. David permalink
    September 10, 2009 9:31 AM

    My favorite thing she said was from week one:

    “Christianity is not an external behavior modification program but an internal change of the heart” – Christine Caine

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