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Madness At The Polls

September 8, 2009

AP Top 25Can anyone tell me why we have polls that come out prior to the season?  Yeah, I know we need something to talk about, but seriously.  No one really knows how the team is going to perform.  Every year there are several teams that are ranked far too high.  This year Oklahoma, my very own team, was ranked too high.  Yes, they played great last year.  Yes, they have the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.  But there are major holes.  The offensive line is full of new guys.  The wide receivers are still yet to prove themselves.  But going into the start of the season they were ranked #3.  Ohio State is another team that I swear consistently is overrated.  This year they started at #6.  They played Navy.  NAVY for crying out loud!  They barely made it past them!  What about all the teams that play high school caliber teams for the first FOUR weeks?  How do they deserve to be ranked high?

Now I’m not saying that these teams are bad.  I’m not saying that you can’t scrape by occasionally and not be the best team.  What I am saying is that I cannot find a reason to rank teams this early.  It’s all guessing.  Yeah, some of the voters may have seen them play some scrimmages.  So what?  They are playing their own team!  The defense has seen all these plays from the offense a couple times already!  They can’t even beat up on the QB!  I just don’t see that there is any merit to ranking teams so soon.  Let’s say that Oklahoma this year ends up losing several more games and at the end we all agree that they shouldn’t have been anywhere near #3.  BYU still gets credit for beating the #3 team!  I think the polls shouldn’t come out until later.  There isn’t much that the BCS seems to do right (but it’s the system we have so…), but I love that they wait until week eight before their polls come out.  Why not wait until week eight?  Even week four would be good!  But even then several teams still haven’t played a team over Ju-Co level.

Polls are worthless this early.  They do nothing but inflate teams and their strength of schedule.  It’s like steroids.  They make you huge for a little while and then when the truth finally comes out its way too late and everyone else sits around discussing how crappy the situation is.  That’s my two cents.  You hear me, AP, ESPN, and Coaches?  Didn’t think so.

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  1. mike h permalink
    September 8, 2009 5:39 PM

    follow the money…which leads to tv…which needs rankings to determine “top” games…which can then be sold for more advertising $$$.
    we all know they could market “big games between perennial powerhouses” without having the “#” ranking but they’re conditioned to need it.
    why not focus your concerns on something easier…like, healthcare reform!

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