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Goodbye Birthday

August 31, 2009

Well, the birthday has come and past.  Yeah that’s right.  The last one of my 20’s is now gone.  Next year starts a new decade.  But we did celebrate it a little more than normal so that’s fun.  First of all, thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday here, on Twitter and on Facebook!  Thank you even to those of you that didn’t mean it but just said it because you are supposed to.  All of you rock my world!

Despite the original disappointment that started off my birthday week with the bummer fact that Aerosmith and ZZ Top would not be joining us for their concert, we moved on and still had a great week.  We had dinner with friends, had 2 Royal Red Robin gourmet burgers (yes I have gained weight this week), a night of steaks (seriously, I did put some weight back on), kayaked, and had the baby’s first concert!  Saturday KK surprised me with a kayaking trip out in the Newport Beach (or Balboa, not sure what it is actually called) harbor.  We rented the kayak for an hour in the warm sun and made a trip around Lido island in less than an hour and got to see some seals (or sea lions…I don’t know the difference) out in the wild.  That was really cool.  Since my wife is preggo, I let her do all the work and I just sat there and took in the sights…yet my arms are pretty sore today.  Hmmm.

So after a great Thursday, Friday and Saturday (wow, I sound like Shanna…well maybe not that bad) of celebrating my birthday we topped it all off with the Def Leppard concert on Sunday night!  That was amazing!  We missed Cheap Trick…well we heard them as we were walking… but got to see Poison open for Def Leppard and then watched the British band rock out 80’s style!  It was so great!  Not to mention that we got in for free too (thank you Live Nation)!  Poison was pretty good.  They had plenty of pyrotechnics and their drummer had plenty of stick tricks.  Personally, I think he was just showing off because he knew the Def Leppard drummer can’t match that.

Def Leppard

So after Brett Michaels thanked the crowd for about the 5th time, it was finally time for Def Leppard!  The roadies came out and completely changed the stage up (which was insane!) and got everything ready.  Then Def  Leppard came out to rock our worlds with a huge 3 piece LED screen, awesome lights, and very well done video.  Within the first 4 songs, they had played 3 off their new album and I was bummed.  But, then they kicked it into overdrive and rocked out all their best hits from the past 20 years!  I couldn’t have asked for a better set list!  Needless to say it was awesome!  Pour Some Sugar On Me, Photograph, Hysteria, Two Steps Behind, and on and on they went until they did the best encore I have ever seen!  Let’s Get Rocked was the best of the night!  Amazing song to end my birthday week with.

So the 29th birthday has come and gone.  Until next year!

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  1. August 31, 2009 3:49 PM

    I’m kinda mad at myself for making this birthday so good since I’ll have to make your 30th even better. Guess I better start working on it. Or maybe i’ll give you a baby and we’ll call it even?

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