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August 13, 2009

Yesterday I received a comment question about my post Revolutionary Thinking.  It was a great question and I thought I would take the time to answer it!  Stacy asked…

I heard somewhere that only 1 in 4 college students who went to church with there parents choose to go to church on there own… why do you think that is? Do you not feel that all of this technology has made the apparent need for relationships decrease?

Question Mark KeyI can’t say that I have actually heard that statistic before, but it really doesn’t surprise me.  Many times kids go to church just because that’s what their parents do and a lot of the time it doesn’t ever really make it from something that they do to becoming their own faith and something that they are.   Then enter college and the freedom that comes along with it and no one is there to make you.   It happened to me (not quite the same reasoning, but still).  I think it comes down to whether or not they are able to make the beliefs their own instead of just what their parents told them.

As far as the technology goes I think that the technological world that we live in is what is causing the isolation, if you will. The more texting and chatting and emailing grow the less we feel the need to interact with humans all the time. I believe we were made to interact and those things were intended to be tools to help that, but in many cases they seem to be making it worse. I mean look at junior high girls with unlimited texting plans. They now are closer to each other and know more details about each other than they ever could before and its immediate!

Now add church to the technology mix. For sure online church isn’t perfect. No church is.  There are definitely some difficulties.  With some great timing considering I wrote yesterday’s post a couple days ago, on the blog, Swerve, yesterday they talked about some of the limitations of having church online.  Their big things were baptisms, communion, accountability, and personal physical needs.  I am not sure that church online is the end all. (the one I know the most about) really pushes people to get into LifeGroups or start them.  They also encourage “watch parties”.  Church online could be just the start of your relationship with Christ.  Maybe after a while of going to church online you start going to a LifeGroup or find a church home.  I think that is the next step.  It’s just like joining the church isn’t the end.  There are still more steps to take.

So I guess my answer would be yes, technology in many ways does seem to be pushing people farther away, but I don’t think that our need for relationships could ever be gone.  And then when you add church online, BabelWith.Me, Twitter, Facebook, and more to it the world can seem to get farther away.  But I think BabelWith.Me, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are all tools to help people get connected.  If all we do is sit on those all day long then we are missing the point.  Same with church online.  It is a reaching tool but not the finish line.  Maybe one day we will figure out better ways to reach people, but I am just glad we are thinking outside the box to try to do so.

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  1. August 13, 2009 1:14 PM

    I can really appreciate open-minded thinking so long as its intentions are to the glory of God. (which I believe yours are!) Thanks for your incite!

  2. August 13, 2009 6:17 PM

    I agree that the relationship part of fellowship and church is easily missed out upon when people only attend church online or use all if these new technologies, but then again, I think it is great to have church online for those that have no other options. It’s so easy for us to drive down the street to our church of choice, but unfortunately that is not the case in many places. I think the intention of church online is for those people.

  3. dmjames permalink
    August 13, 2009 8:54 PM

    Every Christian parent’s prayer is that their kids make the faith of the parents their own at some point. Sooner rather than later to save heartache. Technology for church I believe, is a great method to perhaps attract people(mostly young) who might not otherwise be interested. As you say, it is the means, not the end. But wheather kids make their parents faith their own has more to do with the relationship of the parents to the kids and how real the parents faith is. That’s not to say that kids of great families and real faith will always have the same faith but there is a much better chance than if neither are present. Great discussion!!

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