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Revolutionary Thinking

August 12, 2009

To reach people no one is reaching, you must do things no one is doing. ~ Craig Groeschel

I know that this may smudge some people’s Pumas, but  I’m gonna talk about it anyway.  I think my biggest beef with church in general is that we don’t adapt very well.  For too long we have been spending so much time trying to figure out what the culture of the times is doing and trying to be relevant.  For too long we have been trying to play a game of catch up and not understanding why we always feel behind.

I have been so guilty of this myself.  When facebook and MySpace exploded, I dodged!  I didn’t wanna be “that guy”.  Then one day when I was trying to figure out how to be relevant to the students in the youth ministry I was pastoring it hit me.  I have to be willing to try things and look to those newfangled gadgets the young whippersnappers were into.  Ok, so maybe I wasn’t your grandmother, but still I didn’t see it until that day.  Without a facebook or MySpace page I was not going to be able to really get into these kids’ world.  Ever since then I have been trying to at least give things a shot and now Twitter and blogs are a big part of my daily connecting, stretching and growing.

Unfortunately, it seems that many churches act like I did when I was trying so desperately to keep my world the same and not change it.  We aren’t willing to lead and end up waiting for someone else to do it and then try to catch up.  On the flip side, there are a great number of churches that are willing to trying anything and everything to reach the world.  There are some incredible things happening in many of these churches across America that I desperately pray catch on with the rest.  Cutting edge Biblical tools and systems that maximize efficiency and data are revolutionizing how many ministries work, learn and grow.  Churches are mastering the internet as it is undoubtably the medium of the future.

There are two things that I have experienced and think will play a HUGE part in creating culture and I’m seriously excited about!  One is an amazing chat tool called BabelWith.Me.  Now people from all over the world can speak their language and it be immediately translated into the language that you speak!  I have had conversations with people speaking Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew!  The other is Church Online.  I have spoken with many skeptics, but I have seen these online communities effects.  I have been to church with people from 25+ different countries while sitting at home in my underwear!

We as Christ followers need to step up and create the world’s culture.  God created us to be creative people.  We need to stop being the followers or worse yet just sitting still.  Let’s stop doing things because it is the way we have always done it and do things because that is the way people today are hearing and responding.  Let’s stop trying to be relevant and set culture.  The message of Christ is always the same, but the methods are what have to change.  I pray that I will have an open mind to trying new things and doing old things in new ways to reach out to the world.  I pray that I will be able to help my community think outside the box and reach out in a new way.  I pray that we as Christ followers will stop getting caught up in religion and start using the love of God to lead the world!

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  1. August 12, 2009 8:17 AM

    Thought provoking… I heard somewhere that only 1 in 4 college students who went to church with there parents choose to go to church on there own… why do you think that is? Do you not feel that all of this technology has made the apparent need for relationships decrease? Let me know what you think.


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