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The Future Of KFC

July 31, 2009

Back in January I started leading worship at a church called Kingsfield Church in Irvine, Ca.  It has been quite a learning experience moving from one church to another, one denomination to another and one style to another.  I don’t know exactly what I expected but it has for sure been something that we have learned a lot through and I think will give us even more experience and knowledge to be able to help others in the future.

Over the last couple months God has really been working through Kingsfield and the staff to really nail down our vision, hearts and plans for the future of Kingsfield.  It has been a very exciting time…and a very crazy time.  Last night we spent several hours with the rest of the staff going over details of what we are planning for the few months to come and let me tell you.  It is going to be exciting!  I wish I could tell you more now, but for the time being you are just gonna have to bear with me and wait.  Make sure you are at Kingsfield this Sunday to hear the plans so you can catch the vision and excitement too!

For those of you that are not in the Orange County area, please pray for us as we are taking some huge steps in the direction that God is leading us!  We firmly believe that these steps will lead to reaching the people around us and sharing Christ with them!

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