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HB Surfer Brett Simpson Wins US Open Of Surfing

July 27, 2009

Hurley US Open Of SurfingThis past week my favorite city, Huntington Beach, CA, held the US Open of Surfing.  It was a great week!  Not only the US Open, but it was the 50 year of surfing tournaments in Huntington Beach.  Not only that, but it is a huge year for Huntington Beach celebrating 100 years of existence!  So needless to say, it has been quite a party here for a while now.  But this year was no ordinary US Open.  Nike recently purchased the surf company Hurley and sponsored this year’s surfing tournament.  This meant that the stage, prize money, and festival village were all much bigger this year.  This brought in more of the world’s pro surfers vying for the title.  Nike also had BMX and skateboarding competitions as well!  It was huge!  God even provided the biggest waves they have ever had for the tournament!

Huge Waves At The US OpenNow I’m not going to pretend like I knew everything about all this stuff prior to this past week.  I didn’t.  But I did like to watch these action sports and I’m a learning surfer and a resident of Huntington Beach.  But I learned!  I didn’t know the pro surfers names like CJ Hobgood, Rob Machado, Mick Fanning, and Kelly Slater.  I didn’t know how they scored the surfers.  But I do now!  This tournament upped my desire to be a good surfer a ton!  All I have wanted to do is get out there and surf (when the waves get much smaller of course)!  I got to see guys catching some awesome waves, snapping their boards into pieces, shooting the pier,and riding some sick barrels.  Not to mention the huge barrel that Kelly Slater caught right in front of me and scored a perfect 10 on!  That was nuts!

Kelly Slater's Perfect 10 BarrelBut after all the heats were finished and all the foam had settled it was still Huntington Beach’s year.  Despite my thoughts that no one could possibly beat Kelly Slater, he got knocked off short of the finals and Huntington Beach’s own Brett Simpson took the title and the biggest prize check yet!  Needless to say the beach went crazy!  After a longer than expected victory lap (including the jetski wiping out twice) he was mobbed and tackled in celebration before he even made it to dry land!  They proceeded to carry him on top of the crowd all the way to the stage.  It was an awesome site!

Brett Simpson Crowd SurfingSo through all the traffic and mobs of people, I have to say that I absolutely love living here in Huntington Beach and can’t wait until the US Open next year!  If you aren’t busy this time of year next year, you should book flights now and make sure Hotel James is open and come out for the madness/awesomeness of my city!Hurley US Open Crowd From Pier

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