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Happy Birthday, Blog!

July 23, 2009
It's my birthday! I do what I want!

It's my birthday! I do what I want!

Ladies and gentlemen, a year ago I never really thought that my blog would make it this far.  BrookJames Dot Com is turning one year old!  Crazy.  On July 23, 2008 I was sitting at work at Fort Worth on a Wednesday night waiting for my band to arrive for run through for Switch.  I needed to start working on Pro Tools for the weekend setlist but I knew that once I started the band would arrive and I would be forced to stop in the middle of something and it would be difficult to pick up my place again the next day.  So instead I decided to start a blog.  What?  Yeah.  I thought the same thing, too.  Who knew?  It wasn’t a very impressive blog post.  As a matter of fact it was pretty much like everyone else’s.  It was called New To This.  Pretty self explanatory.  If you are super bored you can go back and read it.

So now that we have made it one full year I thought it would be kinda cool take a look back and see what has happened since the beginning.

  • The blog started out on Blogspot and after a couple weeks was quickly moved to WordPress.
  • After starting a blog and not expecting much out of myself I have now posted 224 times in this year.  One post every 1.6 days is not bad I would say.  61% is a pretty good grade right?
  • One of the main things I wanted to do was start a conversation.  Right now there have been 508 comments this year (and my spam filter has blocked 747 comments…wow!).
  • Another thing I really wanted to do was create a site that would be helpful to musicians and worship leaders.  There have been well over 1,000 hits to the Music Resources and Setlists pages!
  • We have been through times when I blogged every day (or multiple posts a day) and times that I haven’t blogged for days on end.
  • We elected a new President of the United States of America, our first black president.
  • I love my wife and she still loves me!

I have loved being free to express myself in writing.  I love that people come here and have conversations with me.  I have loved getting to share my thoughts and opinions and craziness with you all.  I hope that God has used something here to inspire, encourage, challenge, help, and/or provide you with the much needed relief from normal life.  Thank you for patiently reading through my schizophrenic posts.  I hope the second year is just as great as the first was!  Come back and visit again!

May seeing Christ as He truly is be the death of everything that we are outside of who He is.  That’s my prayer for you.  When we really see Him we can be nothing but humbled.  May vision of You be the death of me.

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