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Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

July 22, 2009

Star Wars Return Of The Jedi

So I have made a claim before and I want to see if it is true.  Back in March I wrote a blog post that I called The Saga Continues.  I just thought it was a funny title with the blog post being about our car problems on our trip to Vegas for our one year anniversary.  If you don’t know that story, go back and read it.  It sucked at the time but is quite entertaining now.  Anyway, I am just about to finish up my first year of blogging and looking back I am noticing that one of the trends may possibly be correct or it may have been a fluke.  So I am going to test it again.

Prior to writing that post the hits on my blog were averaging a little over 60 per day.  Not bad for my first year, right?  Well then The Saga Continues hit.  I don’t know if it was because of the title or because of the Lego Star Wars picture, but the month of April nearly doubled my daily average with almost 125 per day.  Wow!  Did I all of a sudden become awesome at blogging?  Doubtful.  I wasn’t sure what was going on.

Star Wars

Then around the middle of April I wrote a post about my new findings called Star Wars (The Secret To Blowing Up Your Blog).  Once again, I am not sure if it was the title or the pictures or something actually helpful (again doubtful).  I almost doubled the previous month which had been my biggest by far!  For this month I averaged just under 200 hits per day.  Now for some of you that is no big deal.  You get thousands per day.  But I’m not that cool.  I thought I was doing amazing to get 50 a day!  May dropped back down a bit and June was right back up again.  This was crazy.

If you look at the phrases that people searched for the most and ended up on my blog you would see a few things at the top of the list with the next nearest thing waaaaaaaay back in the distance.  Star Wars as a search item killed everything else!  It was 4 of the top 5!  The next closest things were puppies and Disney.  Awesome.  So what the heck?  Is Star Wars really the key to writing a wildly successful blog?  If so Brian Bruss needs to get on it!  I guess I will see what happens in the future.  Maybe one of these hundreds of people will stumble onto my blog looking for something Star Wars and find a post that will hit home just right.  Who knows?  I’m just glad God is in control of my blog, too!

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