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Why Do The Good Guys Always Win?

July 17, 2009

How many times do we hear people whining about movies saying that they are all the same?  It didn’t end any different than every other movie.  The good guy always wins.  The couple always gets together.  The dog always dies.  The family always reunites.  On and on and on.  And we always look at movies and TV and say that they are the corruption of our youth.  I think I disagree.  I think they are the reflection of our culture.  Why do the movies all end the same?  Because that’s what we pay to go see.  Why do the same stupid reality shows keep getting recreated?  Because we sit in front of our TVs and watch them.  Why do they make High School Musical 3?  Because they are just responding to the overwhelming actions by us.  We spend good money to see these movies and they see that we are interested and make more.  But if we really don’t like it (Gigli, Catwoman, Constantine, etc.) we don’t see it and they stop making them.

I think it is for the same reason that we always see and love and get inspired by the same characters over and over in movies too.  Whether you want to admit it or not, we love it when the nerd gets the girl.  We love it when the humans defeat the aliens.  We love it when the USA beats…well…just about everyone.  That’s just how it is.  We pay to see these things.  I think that is why I won’t lose hope for America and leaders and the church and society in general.  Look at the things we celebrate in movies.  Yes sometimes we are a little off base, but look at all the good things.  There are always certain qualities within the main leaders.

Optimus Prime

The leaders that we love

  • are honest.
  • are decisive.
  • are inspiring.
  • are not self-centered.
  • sacrifice for the greater good.
  • are willing to give their lives.
  • lead by example.

Star WarsHere are just a few that pop into my head.  Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.  Whether you liked the movie or not he is a huge leader in it.  He sees the potential in Luke and sacrifices time, money and even his life to teach and save Luke.  Optimus Prime from Transformers.  Leave it to the 80’s cartoons to really teach us life lessons.  The leader of the Autobots fights to save a primitive race in the humans.  He is noble, honest, and sacrificing giving his life for the salvation of others.  President David Palmer from 24.  Even in politics we love these guys.  Palmer is the leader that America has been searching for.  He is honest and doesn’t play politics.  He risks his life.  He has a heart.  He doesn’t stop fighting for America or the good.  President Thomas Whitmore from Independence Day.  I don’t know that I have ever known anyone who isn’t completely revved up by the speech he gives before they launch the final attack against the aliens.  He leads the men into battle with his own life at risk.  He is admits when he is wrong.  He fights for the good of others and not just himself.

President Thomas Whitmore

President David PalmerThe list could go on and on.  Indiana Jones.  Wyatt Earp.  Harry S. Stamper.  Jack Ryan.  Jack Bauer.  Batman.  Superman.  It just doesn’t end.  Our world keeps recreating this story over and over.  When will we finally catch on?  The world really does want someone respectable, honest, sacrificing, etc. to save them.  I think we need to learn from this.  I’m not sure I have ever heard this before, but I think we need to learn from the movies.  This is just a small list of leaders and characteristics that we can learn from.  I think we can learn to be better leaders, better husbands, better dads, better pastors, etc. from these guys.  Funny how the secular world is so right on sometimes.

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  1. cruisekidmankubrick permalink
    July 17, 2009 1:05 PM

    I think we can learn a lot of film. We can learn how to change and ways to be better. I think it is more important though to view a film like “A Clockwork Orange” and view the world in a pessimistic light than it is to get justice and peace handed to us on a silver dish. In most action movies it is just unrealistic. In reality not all “bad” guys are caught and people do get away with murder. I think films should potray that sometimes before we all think that murderers WILL get caught and crime WILL pay, because sometimes sadly they do not and it does not. This is an interesting blog.

  2. July 17, 2009 3:59 PM

    right on! but I think you just put the starwars pic to get a lot of traffic to your blog 😉

    you’re so wise.

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