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Setting Up God For Success

July 14, 2009

I love how my flesh always seems to set God up for success.  I don’t mean that it’s because of me that He can do things.  That is soooooo far from the truth it is really funny.  How many times do we constantly fear the unknown future?  All the freakin’ time.  How many times do we not want to do something because we think things just can’t work out because we just don’t have time to do it all?  Again.  All the time.  No matter what we think, if it is truly vision that was given by Him, He likes to blow away our fears or weak expectations.  If I think He can do it, He makes me thinking He can do it laughable because my vision isn’t big enough.  If I think there is no way this could happen, He shows up and proves that it can happen through Him.

Fortunately I sometimes learn and grow from these situations, but I am still human.  I do still have a tendency to doubt things, but what is stupid is that even though He proves Himself to me over and over I still get scared and don’t dream big enough when I KNOW the truth.  I’m glad that He has the patience to give me a second (and third, fourth, fifth, sixth,…) chance and continues to prove that He alone is powerful.  He alone is the reason things work out.  He is the one with the vision.  I’m glad He likes to use me in this and give me a piece of that vision.  I’m glad He is much bigger and stronger than I can ever wrap my tiny little stupid brain around.

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  1. dmjames permalink
    July 15, 2009 12:39 AM

    What is amazing to me is how God can accomplish things despite of me…. good words son. dad

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