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OC Concert Series – The Union Line

July 13, 2009

One of the fun parts of being a worship pastor is that I get to play with all kinds of musicians from all kinds of places.  And the one thing about a musician is that apparently you can’t be in just one band.  So therefore I have played with guys in some great bands as well, like Shane & Shane, Ryan Cabrera, David Crowder*Band, Robbie Seay Band, Chris Tomlin, and Charlie Hall.  There are also two bands that are up and coming as well.  One called They Were Stars in Texas and a band called The Union Line in California.

The Union Line

This past weekend I had the chance to go check out The Union Line.  I had heard some of their stuff from iTunes, but had never seen them play.  So I made the drive to the Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest to see them for myself.  I got there while there was still a band playing before them, who was great if you are into that folksy acoustic thing (sorry band that played before The Union Line, I didn’t catch your name) and heard them play the last half of their set.  So as the bands we changing the stage and I realized how much this scene was not mine and I was very out of style here, I made my way down to the font floor area and was about 3 or 4 people back from the stage pretty close to the middle.

As The Union Line was about to go on, the area around me filled up pretty quickly since the place is pretty tiny.  I soon realized that the girls in front of me where big fans of the band and were sure to dance the whole time.  I’m not much of a dancer.  And I’m there by myself.  And I’m married.  This had potential disaster all over it.  Fortunately I think they were more annoyed that I was standing there (although I was there long before they were) so no problems.  Just had to watch the band through the random flailing arms instead of a clear view.  About halfway through the set those girls decided to go elsewhere and so we all scooted in.  After a few more minutes two more girls decided that the spot right in front of me (there wasn’t a spot there) was perfect for them and came barging in.  When I thought that the other three girls were fans I was mistaken.  These two girls I’m pretty sure go to EVERYTHING that the band does.  They screamed pretty much the rest of the night.  The first half of the set was great, but I’m not sure about the second have of the set.  It was hard to hear through all the screaming.

It was a fun evening.  The Union Line is a great band.  They are very creative and have great stage presence.  I personally liked the fact that the front four guys traded instruments all the time and sang.  None of them played only one thing for the whole night.  That was great.  I highly recommend you checking out this band!  I enjoyed every song they played.  It’s not the same Nickelback or New Kids On The Block for sure!  They were fun, fresh and creative.  They were’s Artist Of The Month for January 2009 and I hear that there are a couple record labels lurking about trying to bite so don’t be surprised when you see these guys make it pretty soon!  Go to iTunes right now and check them out!

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