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Israel Day 9

June 24, 2009

Well unfortunately our time in Jerusalem has come to an end.  This is especially sad because that means that we lose our amazing driver, Moshe, and our more than amazing guide, Abraham.  This is not high on our list.  But we still have more to see so we must move on.

Today we started off bright and freakin’ early again.  We loaded up the bus and made our way to the Israeli/Jordanian border.  By the time we got there we were ready to be out of the bus and see some stuff, but we had to go through all the Israeli security and then load up on a new bus on the Jordanian side.  Upon arriving at the border one of our girls and my uncle took some pictures and film of the guards and were immediately pulled out of the bus and had their cameras examined and were questioned about what they were doing!  It was pretty intense for us, especially since we didn’t know we weren’t allowed to take pictures.  Good times.  Finally we all made it through the security, got our Jordanian stamps in our Passports, said goodbye to Abraham, and got on the bus headed into Jordan.

The first real stop of the day was Mount Nebo.  For those of you in rural Oklahoma that may read this, no, that isn’t anywhere near the Nebo that you know.  Mount Nebo is the mountain that God brought Moses to the top of to show him the Promised Land that he would not be able to enter.  The view here was amazing!  Unfortunately for us it was a pretty hazy day, but it was still really cool.  From the top you can see the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Jericho and the Jordan River Valley.  Pretty amazing.  Also off to the side outside of the Promised Land you can see the Spring of Moses where God told Moses to speak to the rock and water would flow but he struck it instead.  I would have loved to go down and and drink from that one too!

Next up after a not so brief stop at a hand crafted Mosaic place where they were all car salesmen about their items we went to an old crusader castle called Shobak Castle.  This was really cool because they basically let you explore all the dark rooms and such but at the same time warn you about the snakes and scorpions that may be in there as well!  Ewww.  I don’t do snakes or scorpions.  That’s just not good times for me.  This was the perfect day to view this castle, too, because the breeze was blowing and so the sun beating down on us didn’t feel as hot.  My favorite part was a staircase that led down to what we are told is the dungeon, but I couldn’t find the bottom.  Flashlight and all, and I still didn’t reach the bottom before the parents started freaking out because they didn’t wanna have to come down and save us!  It was crazy!  We went so far down that the stairs basically hadn’t been excavated and became just a ramp.  So cool!

Then it was off to the hotel in Petra to have some dinner and crash for one more day in the Holy Land before we had to get on that dreaded flight home.  Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. June 24, 2009 1:40 PM

    You forgot to mention the islam girls that had huge crushes on you. I think you could have married them all.

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