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Israel Day 1

June 6, 2009

Finally the time has come for our journey to Israel to begin!  After a few days in Oklahoma with the In-laws the day has finally arrived.  Our flights out of OKC didn’t leave until 5:16 PM on Monday so we weren’t rushed.  We made our way through the check-in lines and then through security and into the massive OKC airport!  The first leg of the flight was to Atlanta and then on to Tel Aviv.  The total trip time was about 16 hours not counting layovers (I believe).

Unfortunately for me, I am NOT a vehicle sleeper.  Unless I am laying down flat it doesn’t happen.  So needless to say, 16 hours for me is pretty miserable.  On the first flight my wife and I were split up.  I ticket was across the aisle from my parents and next to a woman who made it obvious (passive aggressively) that she wanted my aisle seat, but I wasn’t about to give it up to her and sit in the window all by myself and let her talk to my parents!  The second flight my wife and I were next to some old lady who was across the aisle from her husband.  Bummer!  Of course we couldn’t get lucky like my uncle and have an empty seat.  He had two!  Anyway, the flight was about 12 hours ish, but the seats have small screens for movies, music, games and maps.  YEAH!  Started off great!  I watched Defiance (great movie), Gran Turino (terrible movie with possibly the worst acting I have ever seen…Clint Eastwood was awful), and started some other movie that turned out to have Mickey Rourke in it too (I turned it off quickly).  The games were fun too!  Oh, my screen was jacked and it took me 3 times to watch Defiance because it kept stopping or rebooting.  Oh, and my screen thingy finally just broke and wouldn’t turn on again.  Awesome.  Fortuantely I was next to KK for the flight.  Oh, did I tell you that there was a seat on the other side of the husband of the lady next to us?!  Yeah she didn’t move.

Finally after what seemed like for eh ver we landed in Tel Aviv, Israel!  Only a slight eight hours ahead of where we started.  So with a 16 ish hour flight and time changes it was now Tuesday evening.  I’m sure Tel Aviv was cool, but we didn’t get to stay.  It looks really sweet from the air though.  Then we headed out to Golan Hotel in Tiberias.  It is a hotel with an amazing view right on the edge of the Sea Of Galilee.  We had some dinner, got some instructions about the day to come, and went to bed!

Thank you for all your prayers!

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