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Mind Power

June 2, 2009

We all know that our minds are awesome.  We teach our kids all the time with our fun little sayings like a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  But I think a lot of times we still underestimate the power of our minds.  Yeah we dream and watch movies about people that can move things or blow things up with their minds, but I mean real stuff.  The mind is a powerful thing.

When we were all little, we didn’t know what our minds were and a lot of times couldn’t understand the difference between our mind’s world and the real world we were in.  Many kids have some of their best friends in the world all in their minds.  Some kids grow up with their minds being the only thing that really entertains them.  Try to get them to do something and they are bored.  Leave them in a room by themselves and they have a blast all alone.  Our minds take us to amazing places when we sleep and when we are really bored in staff meetings and “zone out”.  I’m telling you, our minds are the best entertainment we have!  Movies have nothing on our minds because we are the stars in our heads!

Men's Brain Vs. Women's Brain

My wife and I just recently spent some time in rural Oklahoma where we both received wonderful visits from a couple ticks.  For those of you that don’t know what ticks are they are blood sucking, head burying, disease carrying, spawns of the devil little creatures.  The thing about ticks is that you can’t just pull them off.  You have to get the head out of your skin or you can still get the diseases from them.  So, yeah.  Awesome.  We got some.  Thanks Oklahoma.  I’ll punch my ticket back to California now.  Well, we dealt with the ticks and moved on with our lives.  The next day a good while later, as we were riding in the car my father-in-law asked us about the ticks and if we got them out.  We both answered yes and had no issues.  He then asked if the spot that the ticks where was swollen, red, or irritated.  We both again answered no.  Then we started thinking about it.  We looked at the spots and noticed that they were swollen.  They did itch.  Wait…what?  We had no problems a few minutes ago.  Now we were conscious about it and realized the truth.

I think we spend a lot of our lives this way, in good ways and in bad.  Just like us and the ticks, how many things are we keeping ourselves from because our minds have convinced us that there is nothing there or that it is no big deal.  Makes me think about all the promises of God that we continue to rationalize away and let our minds convince us aren’t true for us.  We let our minds convince us that He isn’t big enough for our problems.  He isn’t really always there for us.  He isn’t always good.  Maybe it is time to go back through the promises of God in the Scriptures and read them KNOWING that they are real and not only that, but they are real for us!

What things are you not seeing or feeling that your mind has convinced you isn’t there?  What does God have for you that your mind has convinced you isn’t really for you?

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