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Israel Vacation – Day 1

May 30, 2009

Lego VacationVacation has finally arrived!  My amazing wife finished all her packing spreadsheets and finally let me put all the stuff into suitcases!  I think I went to sleep around 1 AM Pacific time last night after all the packing of the clothes.  Now its time to sleep until almost 4 AM so that we can get up with enough time to get everything done and get to the airport in time!  Weeeeeeell…that didn’t quite happen.  Jack, our furry little kid, decided that he was hungry at 3 AM and started eating.  This isn’t that crazy, but last night he decided he wanted to play with his food, too (also normal).  Problem was that he was playing with it on top of the bed and more specifically on top of me.  Good times.  So Day 1 of vacation started a little earlier than I had hoped.

So after 2 hours of sleep last night, we got up, dropped off Jack at the Normans’ house and got dropped off at the airport.  We made it there with about an hour to spare.  That’s plenty right?  Well, Delta says that if you aren’t checked in 30 minutes prior to your flight, your bags won’t be on the plane.  Sweet.  We are there an hour early, yet still have to wait in line to check in because we don’t have a printer at home!  Doh!  So after waiting in the wrong line, KK basically cutting in front of some other line to get us checked in, and rearranging some luggage so that our bag was exactly 50 lbs. we finally made it to our gate as they were loading it up!  Woo!  Honestly wasn’t sure we were gonna make that one.  Off to Mini Apolis we go!  (yes I know that isn’t how you spell it, but I am gonna because I don’t wanna look it up and/or try and get it wrong so deal with it)

Blah, blah, blah, I can’t sleep on planes, trains, or  automobiles, it was a really long day, blah, blah, blah, bad chicken sandwiches, getting almost run over from behind by the airport golf cart that doesn’t have a horn and yet somehow it is still my fault, blah, blah, blah, we land it OKC!  (PS – If you don’t know this already, the OKC airport is named after Will Rogers who apparently never met a man he didn’t like…except for probably Wiley Post when he crashed the plan that killed them both in 1935.)  The in-laws arrived to pick us up from the airport and off we go to have some great pizza from Rodney’s in Purcell, OK.  For you Okies, Rodney is a guy that used to work at the world Famous Jo’s Pizza (also originating from Purcell…not Edmond) so it is pretty much exactly the same…except busier.  After dinner we checked out the construction of the in-laws new church building and headed back to make some of KK’s world famous chocolate chip cookies (thanks Wendy) for Sunday.  After the baking time we hit up one of the best snowcone places ever (really not sure why California doesn’t have these EVERYWHERE), got a tour of the awesome garden/farm, and capped it all off with watching the episode of The Price Is Right that I was in the audience for and pulling off one tick from each of us.  Blood suckers.  Good times!

If this is any example of the way this vacation is going to be, I’m gonna be exhausted!  Guess I’ll just have to head home to the beach and relax it all off afterwards!  I’m wiped!  Peace in the Middle East…really…because we are about to go there.

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