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Movie Reviews – Prison Break

May 23, 2009

Before you start questioning me, wait.  I know that Prison Break isn’t a movie.  I know that it is a television series.  But!  The show just came to an end and so I want to do a “movie” review on it.  It’s my blog.  I will do what I want!

For those of you that don’t know, Prison Break is a FOX show about…drum roll…breaking out of prison!  (holy crap!  I know!  Brilliant.)  It was created by the writers or makers of the FOX series 24 so as soon as they started advertising it, I was hooked.  I already had all the track marks from 24 (bit all my nails off, edge of my seat was worn down, getting used to an inhaler for living with shortness of breath, can’t sleep on Monday nights until several hours after the show ends when my adrenalin actually calms down a bit) so it wasn’t hard for me to make sure that I carved out time in my week to start watching this new show.

Prison Break

The first season was great!  The main character, Michael Scofield (who my wife is outspokenly in love with), gets himself thrown into prison in order to break his wrongfully accused brother, Lincoln Burrows, out before he gets the chair.  We were all hooked instantly!  Crazy ideas and tattoos.  Good stuff.  Season two saw the whole mob break out of prison but find themselves running for their lives again and end up in a equally prison-y situation.  This season proved to be great too, but just didn’t quite live up to the season before.  Now roll in the writers strike and we all get put on hold for forever and now we are all eagerly awaiting the third season!  Season three has the gang trying to track down and defeat the bad guys responsible for their whole predicament.  This is where people started really jumping off the band wagon.  But, my wife and I stayed true!  We were loyal!  We were still bummed to hear that after a break they would be coming back for the final episodes and the show would be ending.

Michael Scofield

I hear a rumor that the show was cancelled and then someone came back and talked them into finishing the show.  Good thing!  Well, it all went great until the very end.  I am not sure I’m a huge fan of the way they ended everything.  It wasn’t bad, but a little far fetched for as fast as it all happened.  But what are you gonna do when you have been cancelled and you just have to finish up?  Then they also screwed up really REALLY bad in the last couple scenes.  That just bothered me.  One guy gets shot and in the next scene, the gun shot is now on the other side of his body.  Awesome!  Then another guy has a gun shot and in the last scene (where no one changed clothes) his blood is all gone and apparently he doesn’t have a wound anymore!  AND both guys were shot in the same day.  How do we have one guy with a gun shot on the wrong side and another completely over a gunshot wound on what we can only assume is the same day!?

So, despite the complete lack of working hard by the producers at the very end, I loved this series.  It is no 24, but it has been a long time since I have been hooked on a show outside of 24!  Prison Break was great.  I highly recommend it.  Check it out!  But husbands, watch out!  Your wives may have a new crush on this Michael Scofield character!

Highlights Of The Movie – Well, since it was a series and not a movie this will be very difficult.  The tattoos were awesome.  The first season was awesome.  That’s my pick.

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