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Movie Reviews – The Day The Earth Stood Still

May 10, 2009

So the wife had to work late and I needed some entertainment.  Flipping through the channels gets kinda old after a while, the dog stops chasing his toy pig when he gets tired, and it was pretty chilly out so the pool and beach weren’t an option.  So redbox it is!  Bring on another round of Movie Reviews!

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Since the wife was to be gone most of the evening, I picked out a movie that I figured she wouldn’t be interested in.  I went with The Day The Earth Stood Still.  Wasn’t on the top of my list of things to see, but there wasn’t much to choose from in the nearby redbox and I wasn’t willing to drive farther.  So what I saw was what I got.  Come to find out later that the wife was interested in the movie.  Oops.  So I killed time and didn’t start it until she got home from work.  So we made this a late night movie.  The Day The Earth Stood Still (or Keanu’s An Alien as I will be calling it for the rest of this post since that will be shorter and a little more fun) stars Keanu Reeves (The Matrix and others), Jennifer Connelly (The Rocketeer), Kathy Bates (tons of stuff), Jaden Smith (from the Will Smith album when he picks the Wild Wild West for dad to sing) and a small role for Robert Knepper (fondly known as T-bag for those of you who are Prison Break fans) is the first movie that I know of that has been smart enough to put Keanu Reeves in the role of an alien or a robot.  I’m not really sure why we haven’t gone this route before, but we did this time.  The main storyline for Keanu’s An Alien was the arrival of an alien sphere and the way the US handles it.  Yes that gives away a little bit, but you really can’t talk about this movie at all without giving that much away.  I knew all that from the previews.

Old The Day The Earth Stood Still AliensSince Keanu’s An Alien wasn’t really a blockbuster I hadn’t heard anything about it (always a bad sign) and so my expectations were low.  Apparently (and I just figured this out) this was a remake of an older movie that from the pictures I just saw was probably on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (gotta see some of these).  News to me.  Anyway, since the expectations were low and I had never seen the old version or read any book that may have been about this, there was a chance to be surprised.  Well, I wasn’t really.  There were some ideas that were new to me and I thought were kinda cool, but for the most part it was pretty predictable.  I didn’t find any of the plot twists too surprising.  Oh well.  I did enjoy the move but it takes something pretty awful (Mama Mia, Center Stage, slamming my head against a brick wall, tearing out my toenails) for me to not enjoy it.  I’m not real sure but I’m pretty sure that Greenpeace was the main sponsor for the movie.  All through Keanu’s An Alien I kept waiting for a logo or something and it almost (I said almost) made me want to go check out the Greenpeace website and recycle everything I have!  I also struggled to see Robert Knepper as anything other than a pedophile and murderer (sorry Robert, I’m sure you are a great guy in real life) and Kathy Bates as pretty much anything other than a mother let alone the SecDef of the US.  So, if you are bored and need something you haven’t seen before, go get Keanu’s An Alien.  If you are a big Keanu Reeves fan, go get Keanu’s An Alien.  If you are only gonna watch one movie for the month, pick something else!

Old The Day The Earth Stood Still

Highlights Of The Movie – I really enjoyed watching Keanu Reeves play a part that fits his body language and speech.  I thought the idea of the alien being born in human form with a “placenta” was pretty cool.  Hadn’t thought of that one.  The last highlight of the movie for me was seeing the pictures of the old movie’s graphics!  Awesome!


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