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Waiting On The World To Change

April 29, 2009

Recently I had the (illegal) opportunity to go to the Catalyst West Coast Conference and hear several prominent church leaders speak to a crowd of church leaders.  I love this stuff!  It was so amazing.  I think the best thing is that it isn’t about who is speaking but what God is saying through them!  After the conference had ended, I read back through my notes and just thought, “Wow. How am I going to wrap my head around all these amazing thoughts?”  So I am turning to writing.  No I don’t utilize a journal (assuming we don’t count this as one) so I’m gonna blog.  Maybe it will be statements.  Maybe it will be questions.  How exactly it will all come out I don’t know, but I do know that God used that conference and the speakers and singers to smack me (and many others) upside the head.

Nick VujicicUnfortunately I didn’t get to hear everything from the first day.  I missed a couple of the speakers that I’m told were amazing.  But that’s not the point of all this.  I did get to see some great speakers.  One was Nick Vujicic.  Don’t ask because I have no idea how to pronounce that name.  If you haven’t ever heard of the guy, go check out his web site.  I linked it for you.  He was born with no arms, no legs and a little flipper.  Crazy.

I actually got to hear him speak a few years back and another conference so it was cool to see him again.  But really one thing he said hit me pretty hard.  (I’m gonna used quotes and I’m pretty sure this is exactly what he said but I was typing it into my iPhone so I might have missed a bit but the point is the same.)

“I would be dishonoring God if I didn’t live my life believing that God could use me to change the world.”

Wow.  Seriously.  How many days do we wake up and just go through the motions?  How many times do we get frustrated looking in the mirror and think to ourselves that we aren’t good enough?  Nothing could ever come of us.  Maybe that was something you heard growing up.  Maybe you still hear that.  But the truth is great!  We are not only doing ourselves a disservice but also those around us and God when we don’t think we are good enough for God to use us to change the world!  I’m guilty of this too!  I’m not talking “oh yeah God is all-powerful and can use anything, blah, blah, blah” that we tend to just throw around.  Think about that statement for a second.  God is ALL-powerful!  If we don’t live our lives knowing that God can use us to completely change the world, we will completely miss out!  If we sit around waiting on the world to change, then what an amazing life we will miss out on that God wants us to be a part of.  Changing the world!

That’s not just a small thing.  That is epic!  Changing the world!  We could be part of that if only we would truly believe that God is big enough to use little ol’ me to rock the world!  I don’t know how that will play out.  Maybe it is changing the world in the city I live in.  Maybe it is changing the world in my family.  Or for my (future) kids.  Or my country.  Or really the world!

I don’t wanna wake up on the wrong side of the changing the world bed anymore.  That’s my prayer.  God give me the strength to believe and know that no matter what anyone says or what I tell myself, You want to use me to change the world!

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  1. April 29, 2009 1:12 PM

    i’m proud of you for what you are doing and want to do to change the world. you’re pretty stinkin’ good at it.

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