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Movie Reviews – Duplicity

April 26, 2009

Welcome back to Movie Reviews with Brook James.  Or something like that.  Anyway, tonight my wife and I decided to get a little crazy and go check out a new-to-us theater.  There are apparently 2 theaters here in town.  One is the freakin’ expensive kind (and good) and the other, the new one, is the cheap, what would be $1 theater in Oklahoma, $3 theater in California.  Well, it wasn’t the greatest thing ever.  So hopefully the movie would make up for it!

Being a $3 theater we didn’t have a ton of movies to choose from so we were pretty limited in our options and decided on Duplicity.  My worry is that this movie has been out for a bit and I haven’t seen or heard a single person say or Twitter anything about it at all.  That isn’t normal for good movies.  Oh, well.  Maybe I will be surprised.  Duplicity stars Clive Owen who has been in many great movies and Julia Roberts, also know for her movies.  The basic story is of a CIA agent and an MI6 agent that meet, fall for each other and then get into the thick of things.  Leaving it at that, I wasn’t surprised like I had hoped to be.  The story was ok.  The acting was as to be expected from the people in it, but the humor was a little sparse for my taste and no one got shot.


So without spending too much time on this one, my thoughts throughout the movie was when will somebody get shot, why would anyone install chairs that are so uncomfortable, and blah.  I am really glad we didn’t go spend $20 on this one.  It wasn’t bad but decent at best.  Not a complete waste of $6 though.

Highlights Of The Movie – The slow motion hit in the beginning was kinda fun.  Other than that the best part was walking out and being stopped (in the dark still) by an older couple that asked us if we “got it”.  Ha!  They were so confused.  Then I think they were frustrated that what it was was all it was.  He then went and asked the ticket person if they knew what it was about.  Not sure but it wouldn’t surprise me if he asked for his money back.  Can you do that if you don’t like a movie?


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