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OC Concert Series – Catalyst

April 25, 2009

Ok, so maybe Catalyst isn’t really a concert but it will work for this (especially since I’m in charge and write whatever I want!).  This past week Catalyst had their first west coast conference this year and it was amazing!  I only wish that my wife could have joined me and that we could have been there for the whole thing!  I had to be a little sinner and sneak in for the second have of day 2 and then was blessed because someone had to leave early and they gave me their pass for day 3.  The line up was amazing and I will have several blogs following just on the bits and pieces that I got from listening!  Here is the list of what I got to hear.




Unfortunately I only was there for a day and a half and missed a ton!  Maybe we will get to go next year.  I definitely recommend it!

Highlights Of The Show – I use the term show very loosely because it definitely wasn’t a show, but I’m keeping with my series.  Anyway, the highlights for me were Fee rocking out, Hillsong United playing With Everything (my current favorite worship tune), Tim Hawkins was hilarious, and listening to Craig, Francis and Perry!

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  1. April 26, 2009 11:04 AM

    If it makes you feel any better you only missed half of 1 day. The actual conference was only 2 days.

  2. John permalink
    April 26, 2009 5:55 PM

    Be careful of the speakers at this conference.

    Brian Houston, founder of Hillsong Church in Australia said, ‘We pray that this papacy, like those before it is marked by a commitment to seeing the Christian message go forward and people changed by the power of the Gospel.’

    Erwin McManus said “The Barbarian Way [his book] was, in some sense, trying to create a volatile fuel to get people to step out and act. It’s pretty hard to get a whole group of people moving together as individuals who are stepping into a more mystical, faith-oriented, dynamic kind of experience with Christ. So, I think Barbarian Way was my attempt to say, “Look, underneath what looks like invention, innovation and creativity is really a core mysticism that hears from God, and what is fueling this is something really ancient.” (Interview with Relevant Magazine)

    Having attended Saddleback Church and seen it creep steadily away from Biblical Christianity, Rick Warren should be avoided. He had New Age sympathizer Leonard Sweet, who will be training church leaders and pastors at the 2008 Saddleback Small Groups Conference in April. Warren accepts Sweet as a trustworthy source of Christian leadership. However, Sweet’s view of the value of small groups lines up more with the New Age and Alice Bailey than it does with biblical Christianity. In his book, Quantum Spirituality, Sweet states:

    The power of small groups is in their ability to develop the discipline to get people “in-phase” with the Christ consciousness and connected with one another.

  3. I'm Brook James permalink*
    April 26, 2009 10:59 PM

    John Snyder – Yeah well, I still would have loved to get all of that day and the workshops or labs or whatever they call those things now from the day before!

    John – Thanks for your thoughts, John. Personally I think we should always be careful. Just because a speaker at a conference says something doesn’t make it Scripture. But at the same time, Rick Warren said something great at the conference. Learn from everyone. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. Life would be a little too easy if we all just agreed with each other. We wouldn’t get the fun of denominations or finding women that will be attracted to someone other than Brad Pitt! While you may not be Rick Warren’s biggest fan, he has been the leader of a massive church that God has used in so many ways we probably can’t count it all. There is still gonna be tons to learn from him whether or not we all agree with everything he says or does. Same goes for anyone else! We can even learn from failing ministries as well! Thank you for looking out and telling people to be cautious. I hope and pray that we as individuals or even as the church as a whole don’t just accept something because it is being said or done from a stage. Make sure things line up with the things that God says! Then act!

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