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Invading Our Privacy?

April 20, 2009

So I am not much of a news watcher.  I do enjoy watching channels like CNN or Fox News, but I draw the line at local news.  Tonight as we were waiting for Chuck to start prior to 24 the NBC local news had a short promo for their nightly news.  Fine.  No big deal.  I just tune these out.  Well, for some reason I didn’t tune this one out and one of their main stories they were using to attract people was about the shows that you watch being monitored.  Oh no!  Holy crap!

Vikings Invading Our PrivacyWait… So what?!  Why should I care?  They would get more information from me by reading my blog or following my Twitter.  So what if they monitor what shows we watch.  Does it matter if we watch 24, The Office, Chuck, Life, The Unit, or Lie To Me?  I don’t care if they know that.  Who is they anyway?  Maybe “they” will actually do a better job at marketing to me because they might finally understand that I don’t care that Bounty (the quicker picker upper) will wipe up more liquid than the brand I normally buy because I can get the off brand for way cheaper!…and I don’t spill much.  So what’s the big deal?

I just don’t get it.  Why is it a big deal that the government so called invades our privacy?  Now if they are truly invading our privacy we would have cameras in our bathrooms watching us change.  That’s invasive.  Obviously the line has to be drawn somewhere.  There are lots of private things that everyone is entitled to like changing clothes, showering, doing married things, etc.  But what about phone calls?  The news tonight got me thinking.  I honestly don’t have any against them listening to my phone calls.  Is the government gonna overhear that I’m throwing a surprise party for my wife next week and call her and tell her?  (Oops.  Guess that party is off now.)  That would be a large waste of government funding (not that the idea would be crazy now days).

Why should I be upset with the government trying to keep us all safer by listening to the phones?  I shouldn’t!  I don’t plan terrorist acts!  I don’t grow pot (which contrary to popular belief is still illegal…for now) in my basement!  I don’t even have a basement!  I pay my taxes!  I am not smuggling guns or drugs or kidnapped children or Buddha dolls for us to all bow down to!  I’m not stupid enough to try to plot idiotic plans of illegal things over the phone anyway.  If them listening to our phone calls saves lives or gets terrorists or drug dealers off the streets then by all freakin’ means!  Listen away!  Now I did work for about a month as a telemarketer and they would listen to our calls occasionally to make sure we were doing a good job.  We always knew when they were listening because the line would echo really bad.  If that is gonna happen to our phone calls, then maybe I’m not a big fan because that is really annoying!  But for me, it seems that if you are a good person and a good citizen then there is no reason that they should even bother listening to my calls let alone me be worried because they might!  Here.  Just so the government knows.

I watch 24!

I love shows and movies where everybody gets shot or blown up or there are just action and violence all over!

I wanna buy a Beretta!

I wanna learn to shoot it really well!

I wanna get a license for a concealed weapon!

I think my wife is hot!

I’m not throwing her a surprise party next week anymore!

Sounds like to me we are more worried about the ease of doing and getting away with illegal activities than we are really worried about our safety.  But hey.  That’s just my opinion.  Maybe I’m the weird one.

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  1. Kara-Kae permalink
    April 20, 2009 10:05 PM

    BOO!!! I want a surprise party!!!

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