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OC Concert Series – Charlie Hall & Phil Wickham

April 17, 2009

Last night our concert series continued with one of my favorite bands!  Orange County was given a very special treat last night with the Charlie Hall band and their very own home town Phil Wickham!  It was a great night.  We were very excited to hear that they were coming to Santa Ana.  Not only do we love the Charlie Hall Band (no offense Phil, you are growing on us but still new to us) but I grew up with a few of them and went to church with the rest of them!  So it was a great to see some Oklahomans here in California!  But then to top it all off we got in and got some backstage passes too!  Woo (not that we needed them…the band is generally wandering around all over anyway).

Charlie Hall Band

Quint Anderson and Dustin Ragland both grew up in the same church with me and played in a band with me in high school/college.  I love those guys.  Dustin and Quint are probably my favorite drummer and bass player outside the state of Texas (not gonna try to choose between them and Todd and Graham…just not worth it).  It was great to get to spend a little time with them.  Charlie Hall used to lead the music at my school when I was in high school and went to Bridgeway in Oklahoma City.  I also learned to play the guitar to many of his songs!  Not only that but Phil Wickham picked up an electric guitar player in Taylor Johnson (stud electric) that played with me a few times at my old church in Fort Worth.

So it was a great night of great music and great friends.  I miss those guys.  I miss playing music with them.  But they are doing great!

Highlights Of The Show – Catching up with Quint and Dustin is always great.  Quint is newly engaged!  Yea!  Charlie’s beard is amazing.  I swear if you chopped it off he would lose all his powers like Sampson.  Switching chairs during with KK during Phil Wickham and smelling the intense BO of the guy next to her.  (Sorry baby!)  The Charlie Hall Band has a new CD out and it is amazing!  Definitely a must have!

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  1. April 17, 2009 10:53 AM

    Couldn’t agree more on Charlie’s cd. Definitely one of the best I’ve heard in a while.

  2. Kara-Kae permalink
    April 17, 2009 2:34 PM

    Thanks for handling the “BO situation” for me. I love you! Had fun with you last night!

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