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Church Craziness

April 15, 2009

A friend of mine and fellow blogger posted some great thoughts on his blog at  I read it and it really got me thinking about the things we do in church and why we do them.  So I am gonna jump on the topic bandwagon and do it too!  

Why is it so easy to get into a rut?  I am not speaking directly at any certain church or congregation, but more of in general.  For those of you that know me or read my blog very often you know that I am a worship pastor and have been leading the music at churches and youth groups pretty regularly for the past 10 years or so.  I have lead in many different churches, youth groups or gatherings that all have their own styles and traditions.  I think that is awesome!  I know that there isn’t one church that is going to be the best fit or reach every person.  I like that there are lots of different kinds.  I like something completely different that many of my best friends!  But what I don’t like is when we are so set in our ways that we can’t see that our traditions or routines or whatever you want to call them are not impacting our lives at all anymore.

Now, I am not saying that every church needs to be like mine.  I’m not saying that at all!  I am saying that we should all be looking at the things that we do and the reasons that we do them.  Scott Rodgers wrote about the difference in singing in church and really getting into the music.  That doesn’t mean we should stop with the hymns.  I know people that absolutely love the hymns and really get into them.  That doesn’t mean we should stop with the contemporary music.  I grew up in a church that is a very vibrant and growing church that has a congregation that gets into their music.  It also doesn’t mean that we should stop with the progressive music either.  I myself get into this much more than anything else!  The thing is that there are people in each place that are just singing because that’s the thing to do and that’s what the guy or girl leading said to do.  That’s the craziness in church.

But it doesn’t stop with just the people in the crowd.  I believe it can happen to anyone!  I know it has happened to me before.  This past Sunday was Easter Sunday.  We ended the experience with Salvation Is Here by Hillsong.  We have done it before.  It’s nothing new to the church.  But still it’s funny to watch sometimes because I can tell by the expressions on people’s faces when they are singing just because and when they are really getting into the music (and by getting into the music I don’t mean just the beat but the lyrics and true drive of the songs).  The pastor spoke about worshipping a living Jesus instead of unintentionally showing the world a dead Jesus.  This sparked life into many people that morning.  They were no longer just singing some church songs, but they were engaged in the lyrics and passion of the songs!  He is a risen Lord!  Salvation is here and He lives in me!  He is the Way!

Why is it so difficult to be so engaged in the music?  We have no problem doing it at concerts of our favorite bands!  Why do we let ourselves (myself and many other pastors and worship pastors included) forget why we are doing these things?  Why do we let the most expressive, emotional, and passionate time of music become the mundane once a week blah?  How can we ever forget that Christ gave up everything to live a life on earth and die a horrific death for us?!  As Scott Rodgers said, “If you’re just ’singing in church’, maybe it’s time to connect His story with your story.  It’s time to express your response to what He’s done and is doing in your life.  Maybe it’s time to stop singing and start worshipping.  After all, singing in church is just strange.”


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  1. mike h permalink
    April 15, 2009 5:17 PM

    hey brook, i don’t regularly read your blog (sorry!) but stopped by today and agree with your post!
    honestly, it’s hard to always be on “top of your game” and fully into everything–every time. on top of that the quality of the product can negatively affect engagement.
    unfortunately, we aren’t perfect…and need to enter worship and pray for clear minds, better focus and engagement.
    and while we’re at it, maybe we should stop acting like american idol judges with our worship leaders!
    love and miss you guys!

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