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The Sooner State

April 7, 2009

Well, we are finally back from our trip to the best state in the middle of the country.  Am I biased?  Maybe a little, but just yesterday I saw on Yahoo! an article that listed out the most liveable cities in America.  Tulsa, OK was #5 and Oklahoma City, OK was #6.  Only 4 other places are considered better (and honestly I don’t think any of them were appealing).  I think Huntington Beach, CA should have been on the list but it wasn’t.  Anyway, we had a great trip to see EVERYONE possible in as little time as possible.

We flew out on Thursday morning entirely too early in the morning.  For some reason I always seem to get the big guys next to me.  At least I did for the flights to OKC.  The wind was crazy in Dallas, TX.   Very WindyI was riding the fence on deciding if it was fun or if I needed to make sure I was good to meet my Maker that day.  They had shut down most of the runways and when we were on the final approach the wind was insane.  Definitely the bumpiest flight I have been on.  As we were about to touch down the wind shear hammered us and the pilot floored it and took off again to take another pass at it!  Wow.  Never heard so many women gasp at the same time without Brad Pitt walking in the room!  Well we made it the second time around.  We finally got to OKC just fine.

Thursday night was filled with briefly seeing a few family and then heading out to see my sister’s play called “Seussical” in which she has the star and kicked everyone’s butt as the Cat In The Hat!  After the play and hanging out with them for a bit we headed out to Purcell, OK to see KK’s family.  We got to hang out with her parents for a little while on Friday and then headed out to Tulsa, OK for Chris and Randi’s wedding.  We got there just in time for the rehearsal and then had the rehearsal dinner where we got to see the rest of “The Mob” that we hadn’t seen yet.  It was great to see them all!  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Cayce and Efren as they were in Venezuela, but I got to Skype with them later.  We had a mini bachelor party that night and played a good bit of Halo, Halo 3 and FIFA on Xbox 360 until about 4 in the AM.

Saturday rolled around and we got to sleep in a little bit and everyone kinda did their own thing for the day.  Taylor and Julia Faught (with one on the way) and Jason, Brittney and Logan Waymire all came down to hang out for a bit.  We met them at Incredible Pizza and had a great round of putt-putt in which Julia kicked all our butts and Taylor was dead last!  Good times.  It’s always good to see Taylor not win at everything.  I think it boosts everyone’s self esteem when we can even think that we are competing with him.  (You should see his highlight reel from high school…wow!)  He probably just let us win.  After Incredible Pizza we got to hang out with Blaire a bit before I was forced to shower and get ready for the wedding.

The wedding went great and the guitarist stole the show.  Well, maybe not.  The focus was on the bride and groom…and the pastor/professor.  The reception was good times too (except that the Final Four games were on at the same time)!  But we had to call it quits a little earlier than everyone else and head back to Edmond, OK.

Sunday morning we got to hang out with some good friends from and visit the Edmond Campus and hear Trent and Marcy tear up some worship!   They rock.  Then we headed back to Purcell, OK for a bit and got to see Toby, Stephanie, Talley and the soon to be had Taelynn.  They are such a cute little family.   Glad we got to see them.  Then we headed back to OKC to catch a plan to DFW and then home to Orange County.  We barely made it through security and onto the plane in OKC…wait…no…there was no one at the airport and it is tiny. Dallas was a different story.  We were supposed to get there early, but that didn’t happen.  Then we got to hang out with Wendy and Cade Collinsworth for about 30 minutes in their new car!  Nice.  We missed Todd, but it was good to see them.   Then we grabbed some TGI Friday’s as we were boarding the plane home.  I felt bad for those around me as I ate broccoli on the plane.  My bad guys!  Met a new friend sitting next to me that leads worship at Saddleback Church.  Good times.

Then we made it home and went to pick up Jack from the Normans’ (thanks guys!).  He was very excited/pissed off when we got there.  It took him a good bit to settle down.  Finally we made it home and got some sleep in our amazing bed!  Yeah!

There you go.  Weekend in the Great Plains recap.  Cayce, Efren and Todd we missed you.  Cayce and Efren thanks for the car.  Sorry for the miles.  Reagan, great job on the play.  I am not on the verge of liking Dr. Seus.  Mom and dad, Rick and Mary, Dennis and Brenda, thanks for putting us up for a few days!  Chris and Randi, congratulations!  We will be praying for you guys!  We love you all and miss you all and can’t wait til you all move out here!

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