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Star Wars (The Secret To Blowing Up Your Blog)

April 7, 2009

Yes I know the title doesn’t make a ton of sense to you yet.  But I have discovered something recently.  There is a secret that I have found for blogging.  I’m not sure that it is really that beneficial unless you are into seeing how many blog hits you can get or you get paid by the hit for ads that you have on your page.  If those are among the reasons for blogging for you, then this may be the best thing you have ever heard.

This was news to me and it was crazy to watch.  Once I did this my blog numbers skyrocketed.  It was insane.  I went from somewhere around an average of 75 people a day to over about a week’s time having multiple days over 200, 300 and even one day of over 500!  Wow.  Seriously?  So what’s my secret?  Blog about Star Wars!  For those of you that read my blog consistently, you ask when I wrote about Star Wars.  Well to be honest, I never have.  I wrote a blog called The Saga Continues and used a Star Wars Lego picture.  It was about my car.  But because of the implied Star Wars-ness, since then my blog has been attacked with more hits in single days than I have had in whole weeks!  Crazy.  Just to give you an idea of the craziness, the page that I have and use as my “about me” page has been the dominant link that people have clicked on since the start of this blog.  Since The Saga Continues and in only a week or two that page has taken a back seat to Star Wars.  The “Star Wars” has blown it away!

Another way to tell what is bringing people to your blog is the search terms that people have searched for and gotten to your blog.  If there is any indicator how many people are online looking for Star Wars stuff, this is it!  The top 2 items on that list for my blog are “Star Wars” and “Lego Star Wars”.  Not only that, but they have completely blown away the 3rd search term by more than 9 times!  Something about Star Wars is in 6 of the top 10 search terms.

So for those of you that just need to boost your traffic, don’t worry about all those sites that say they will do that for you if you sign up.  All you gotta do is make sure that Google and Yahoo! can find your site and then write about Star Wars!  Then bingo!

Star Wars

If you really wanna add to it, you can write about Disney.  That did it too.  It just wasn’t as insane as the online Star Wars followers.

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  1. April 8, 2009 12:42 PM

    Good stuff. I just posted “Star Wars Characters You Can Follow on Twitter” on my blog, and today has been a great day for hits. I’ve also been marketing the post around the Twitter community, so I’m sure that’s helped too. Here’s the post:; my blog is – same deal for me: I’m not all about Star Wars, despite the name of my blog. Nice post. Take it easy.


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