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I Hate The DMV

March 31, 2009

 Family Guy – DMV

And that is how my day felt yesterday (minus the getting back at the white guy part).  I am not sure what it is about the DMV.  I really want to look at the application for new hires.  There has got to be a box for them to check on there that says I agree to be a complete jerk to everyone that comes in here, regardless of how nice they are to me, and I will do my best to make it as difficult as possible and not help anyone.  I just don’t get it!

We just moved from Texas, right?  Well in Texas we had to pay a ton of money when we registered our vehicles for the first time.  So, enter moving to California and having to register our vehicles again.  We were scared it was gonna cost us a ton of money.  And to top it all off, on April 1st the taxes are going up.  So we thought we would be smart and try to get it done before the taxes go up and save a bundle.  Well, of course I can’t find the copies of our registration from Texas and California won’t let us register here until I can show that.  So I called the Texas DMV to get the info and figure out what I needed to do (oh and I had already gone to the DMV on Friday to see what the California DMV had to say).  They said all I needed to do was fill out a form that was on their website and take it to the DMV and have them fax the form back to Texas and then they would fax it back to California.

I now have printed the form off and filled it out.  I showed up at the DMV in Fullerton.  I wait in line.  I get my ticket with my number on it.  There are several letters as well as the numbers.  I am B323.  Good times.  There are about 35 B’s in front of me and the guy at the counter said they don’t fax things.  So I left and went to the DMV in Costa Mesa.  I waited in line there.  I almost got a ticket from them but the lady at the front desk told me to go talk to a manager.  So I go wait for the manager in another line.  After about 10 minutes (a very short wait at any DMV) I get my turn.  I start to explain my situation and the manager cuts me off and very shortly tells me that they “don’t do that”.  Thanks.  Thanks for your help.  So I try again.  “No.  Sorry we don’t do paperwork.”  What?  What the crap does that have to do with anything?  I try again.  I’m not trying to get you to do paperwork.  This goes on for about 15 more minutes.  Finally I just leave.  

I went home and talked to the Texas DMV again.  A different lady this time.  Oh and I have now made about 30 phone calls to them because I would get put on hold and then cut off.  Awesome.  Oh and while on hold the recording tells you that due to security reasons they can’t release information about the registration by just a license plate.  Finally they answer.  They answer and she tells me all she has to do is fax me the stuff.  That easy.  Seriously?  And she doesn’t even ask about the VIN’s for the cars at all.  Awesome security.

Now I have all my paper work and head back to the DMV in Fullerton.  Unfortunately I had to go there because I had to pick up the faxes at KK’s work.  So I stand in line for another 20 minutes or more to get my ticket.  Yeah.  Now I have a new ticket.  B450.  Fun.  They are on B350.  Oh and don’t forget that before I was B323.  That’s all they have done?  I waited for 2 hours before they call my number.  I actually read an entire book while I was waiting.  Yeah, it was the California Driver Handbook, but still!  I was bored out of my mind!

So after the entire day of crap I finally succeeded in getting our vehicles registered.  Rosa and the Jeep are now California citizens.  They have new plates that say nothing about Texas at all!  Success!  No more DMV!…until we have to go back next week and get our licenses.  Oh well.

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