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Impact Players

March 28, 2009

Right now we are in the middle of the best tournament sports has to offer.  The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is now down to the Elite 8.  Good times.  Not what this is about though.  That’s not why I am writing.  Every game the announcers (you know…the guys that get to sit courtside and say the exact same thing I said 30 seconds earlier) go on and on about the impact players.  Those that have a very important affect on the outcome of the game.  Every sport has them.  We honor and praise them every time.  It never fails.  Impact players.  Of course this picture is more of impact + player, but it’s pretty awesome, you have to admit.

Impact + Player = Impact Player

But sports isn’t the only place that we see this.  Yeah, it’s kinda a cheesy analogy, but it’s the truth.  For some reason tonight as I was thinking about blogging, the impact players in my life where who I thought about.  So I decided I will take a break from my normal crazy ramblings and just pay a little tribute to the people that I see as major impact players on my life.

Honestly, there are far too many to start listing them all out and what they have done and how they have affected my life.  I would love to do that, but I am getting kinda sleepy and I already know that my dog is going to be up early and crawling all over the bed in the morning so I am gonna make it more brief and just touch on a few (not listed in any specific order).  

  • The Units – Unfortunately in today’s world we can’t just assume that everyone’s parents are big impact players.  Mine were.  No matter what I have been going through, they have always been there to help me and support me in anything I do.  They still are.  I have had a ton on my mind recently and I know that they are always there to bounce things off of.  Plus it’s pretty entertaining to watch them get into an argument.  I’ll have to act it out for you sometime.  If you know them, it’s hilarious and so much fun to watch.  They always get over it too.  That helps.
  • – This one I am just gonna lump into one because there are several people that fall into this category.  God used this place and the people in it to shape and mold me and help me find what I believe to be my calling in life.  He used the leadership of Craig, Sam and Chris as well as guys like Trent and Derrick to do exactly that.  Who else and I gonna enjoy a quality joke about J-ness or P-ness with?
  • The Mob – That’s how my mother would describe it.  I have been blessed with not only an amazing family but with a few more amazing families added in.  The Teagues, Thibeaults and Harrymans have been apart of the family for a very long time now.  Life would be completely different if not for them.  How else would I have learned to play ladder golf or have actually made it through several books (thanks mom and Rick)?
  • My Boys – No not the TV show.  I’m talking about the special men in my life.  Too gay?  Fine.  How about my bros?  I have done a lot of growing up with these guys.  If the saying is true and you actually do become more like those that you surround yourself with then I might have a pretty good future.  Taylor, Jason and Todd have been a big part of my life for the past several years.  Not all at the same time or for the entire time, but they are definitely on the list.  I mean you gotta have someone to run from the cops with, argue about whether basketball or wrestling is more manly with and survive a work place while enjoying the Weekly Chuckology with!  PS – happy birthday, Todd.  I can’t believe you didn’t answer the phone when I called at 2 AM.  Loser.
  • The Real Reason I’m Semi-Cool – Yup.  You know it.  My wife is really the coolest thing about me.  Not really sure if that actually works, but for the sake of this post it’s gonna.  I mean what do I say here?  She is it.  She’s the love of my life.  She is very smart, yet still dumb enough to accept a proposal from me.  She supports and adds to my ministry.  She pushes me to be better at everything I do (even if she doesn’t know it).  Who else am I gonna tease about rolling all over the place in her sleep?  At least she only does it on her side of the bed…wait…nevermind.

Well there you go.  Those are some of the people on my mind at the moment.  I just wanted to take a minute/post and recognize them and the impact that they have had on my life.  I would be some completely different person without them.  Yet for some reason I don’t take as much time to tell them that as I should.  For that I’m sorry.  I hope they all know how much I really appreciate them and what they have done for me.  If you don’t know and you are part of the list above, then I do.  I really do.

Take some time today and tell your impact players how much they mean to you.  Thank God for them.  You wouldn’t be you without them.

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  1. the folks, the ones that fight permalink
    March 28, 2009 10:28 AM

    ah, that is amazing. really, amazing. we love you. we are proud of you. thing is… we fight and it is entertaining? is that fun material? and how many have you seen, I mean really, how many? it is a seldom occurrance…. or maybe I just thought it was. 🙂

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