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Growing Up

February 12, 2009

So, I really don’t know why I am writing this post other than that I just saw a commercial that made me think about it. So yeah.

One of the things that I always get pretend picked on for (or at least I think its fake…oh well) is that I have never grown up. That I’m still a little kid inside. I don’t tuck in my shirt. I don’t like to dress up. I hate it when parents tell their kids to call me Mr. or Pastor. I only have one suit and it’s because my mom made me get one for my sister’s wedding. Fart jokes are still funny. Certain body parts are still hilarious. I’m still that kid that never learned that he was really supposed to act his age. Maybe that’s why the little kids always seem to like me. Hmm. I mean its great. I still get to be that kid inside me. Yes, my wife wants me to grow up sometimes (hopefully not all the time), but this is one thing I love about her. She still lets me be me! I don’t know that I could ever thank her enough for the things that she puts up with (and deep down inside really enjoys). She lets me what my kid shows. She goes to kid movies with me. And let me tell you I absolutely love animated movies. All of them. Well, maybe not all of them. I don’t care for the girly ones (even though most of those have some great characters in them too), but the majority of them are awesome. Whoever decided that it was a good idea to put adult humor in kid movies so that it goes over the kids’ heads to entertain the parents (or the other “adults” that just can’t quite grow up) is one of my heroes!

When my siblings were younger I always had a great excuse. I could just call up my youthful family and take them out to the newest animated movie. It was great. But apparently they grow up too. Good thing I had a brother and two sisters. At least that gave me more time to keep my own childhood running! I mean, if you don’t miss Saturday morning cartoons, then I think its over for you. No more big kid inside. I am not really sure that the big kid inside me can die, but I really hope it never happens. That would be a very sad day. But when KK and I have kids, it will probably just boost that kid in me. Anyway, back to the point.

Why is it that the world wants us to all grow up, get desk jobs, where suits and call each other Mr. and Mrs.? Not for me! I like being a kid. When we had kids I wanna be a kid with them (yes I am gonna have to be the enforcer and punisher because my wife is a pushover). I’m ready to watch all those movies again! They are the best! I am not sure that it gets better than Robin Hood. That will probably be my favorite of all times. But there are so many more amazing movies! I could list them all but then this post would be forever long! So, for all of you out there that read this and the big kid inside you is shouting “let’s go do something else”, I’m done. Gonna go watch something animated! Maybe something from Pixar or an old school Disney.
Robin Hood

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  1. Kara-Kae permalink
    February 13, 2009 10:01 AM

    I love you! And the kid inside of you. And I’m a NOT a pushover. Ok…maybe a little bit.

  2. cayce permalink
    February 13, 2009 8:20 PM

    “Yaaaay, Dad!” (flag wave)

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