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Bailouts & Taxes

February 6, 2009

Before I get into this, please understand that I by no means have all the answers and I am not perfect. I have messed up before. I took the wrong highway yesterday. I have downloaded music off the internet. I am using someone else’s internet right now. So please don’t think that I think that I am better than anyone or whatever. I just have lots of questions and issues that I don’t get!

Ok, so I have been watching the news channels more and more in the last few weeks. Our new President is in the middle of some crazy times and trying to get his appointees all in. We all know that there is a MASSIVE bailout bill going through the US government as I write this. Now it already went through the very lopsided House of Representatives already and not a single republican voted for it and there were a few democrats that flipped sides. OK. Whatever. Now its in the Senate and we are getting more and more information about what is in this crazy bill.

Seriously there are some ridiculous things here. A water park? Is that a joke? Yes re-sodding one of the capital’s lawns will create jobs, but only until the lawn is finished. Then what? Did we just make the next generation have a HUGE deficit to landscape the White House? Golf courses and disc golf. That’s the answer. What? How about the Honeybee thing? I don’t even know what that is but it sounds crazy. Hey I know! Let’s give Amtrak tons of money so that we can try to hang on to a dying transportation system that hasn’t made money in over a decade! Woo! Great idea.

Now I am definitely not a politician nor do I claim to understand all this stuff. But what I do understand is that our government is saying we need a stimulus plan and we need it fast! IF that is the case, then why are we not doing that? Why do we have to have a stimulus plan + so much other crap? Smoking coaches? Obesity coaches? Contraceptives? What does all this have to do with getting the economy to bounce back? I’m not saying they are bad things. I’m not saying we don’t need some of this stuff. But if we really need to stimulate the economy so bad, then why not just do it and worry about this other stuff that is not time sensitive? I don’t care if we are democrats or republicans. Is it not possible to just do what the country so badly needs instead of trying to get so much other stuff done too? I thought we were rushed. Hmmm… I just don’t get it.

Now. What about all these people that are in trouble with the law that we are appointing to the new administration? How in the world can we appoint a guy to be in charge of the IRS that doesn’t pay his taxes correctly? Seriously? So if I stop paying my taxes can I get paid a ton of money to work for the government? Ok. I don’t know all the people that he is appointing, but I heard a news channel list off several people (not just 2) that were having problems with the law. What’s that all about? Oh, and does anyone really care if Hillary makes a joke at Bill’s expense? So what?! Who gives a crap? His entire presidency was a joke at her expense. Why do we care?

Oh. Last question. Is forgiving people that got in over their heads with mortgages really smart? Will they not just do it again if we bail them out? What about all of us that paid our mortgages on time?! We are just handing out billions of dollars that we do have to pay back at some point (assuming Jesus doesn’t come back first) to people that got themselves in trouble because they got a house too big for their budgets. Are we learning or just skipping the punishment that some people deserve for being stupid?

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  1. Kevin d permalink
    February 6, 2009 1:47 PM

    Preach on. I could go on forever about this stuff , regardless of party. They always said the Bush administration was a bunch of criminals, but I don’t think his appointees ever committed tax evasion, nor did he appoint someone to run the economy that can’t even figure out TurboTax. Really, why is somebody that makes that much money not using a CPA?

  2. Dad(other one) permalink
    February 10, 2009 12:36 PM

    Heard Obama’s speech last nite….”only government can bail us out of this mess” that government got us into….

  3. Cayce permalink
    February 11, 2009 8:37 AM

    agreed….”hey! let’s give an insanely amount of money to the irresponsible car companies AGAIN so that their big guns can use that money to go on fancy, lavish vacations….AGAIN!” unbelievable.

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