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Content With The Curve Balls

January 26, 2009

I started playing baseball when I was 7.  I played every time I could until I graduated high school (I no longer could then because I wasn’t good enough to keep going).  I would love to tell you that I was always fearless when it came to that ball.  But, no.  That would not be the truth.  Multiplied by the fact that my eyes were never good and by the time I wanted to drive I had to get glasses, my fear was mostly manifested in batting.  

Curve Ball

Call me crazy, but not having good eyesight and a little hard round ball being hurled at you had a little bit of an effect on me.  Now it wasn’t completely guessing in the dark (like peeing in the middle of the night without the lights…at least then you can use sonar…you just go til you hear water…target acquired!…and girls wonder why guys can’t hit the toilet all the time).  I could still see the ball, but it was rather fuzzy and I’m sure it messed with my depth perception a little too.  Good coaches will teach you to look for the rotation on the pitch and that will tell you what kind of pitch it is and how it will move.  Well, when you only see a “small white thing” coming at you, there isn’t much hope of knowing what kind of pitch it is.  And as you get older the pitchers get better and start learning the curve ball.  For those of you that have never played baseball, that is the pitch that if thrown well starts out coming right toward your head and then curves back at the last second to go right through the strike zone.  No enter the shame and slap in the face of your pride when you jump out of the way of a ball that ends up right where you want it!  Doh!  Does wonders for your self-esteem.  Now on to the point.

We all know that throughout our lives, we will have ups and downs.  We know that there will be difficulties and changes.  We have what we have come to call curve balls.  Things are going one way or so we perceive and then at the last second things change.  Maybe its not even at the last second, but you are like me when I was little and already misjudged the ball because you aren’t seeing it clearly.  I recently heard a guy speak from Philippians about Paul being in jail and learning to be content no matter what his circumstances.  Right now I am trying to learn this.  (Actually at this very moment, because my backdoor is open for the cool air and there is a baby that has been crying for the last 20 minutes!  Poor kid…but still you are wearing me out!)  

God has been teaching me this for quite some time.  Not just right now.  Not just today.  Not just the last few months.  But for quite a while.  Curve balls happen.  I didn’t expect to work hard to get into broadcasting school only for God to tell me that wasn’t the right direction for me.  I didn’t expect God to tell me to pack up our house and everything we owned (and didn’t sell so it would fit in a moving truck and storage space) and leave the church that we love to move to California to an unknown destination without any real solid leads.  I didn’t expect God to keep me at home while my wife works to support us right now.  But I still can trust Him.  I still can lean on Him.  I still know that He cares and will take care of me and my family.  I know that He is teaching me to be content in all circumstances.  Job or no job.  Perfect church for us or no perfect church for us.  Money or no money.

A lot of things have happened in my recent history that could cause me to question God or to bail when that pitch seems to be coming right at my head.  People have turned there back on us.  They have betrayed us and our trust.  Our hope has taken beatings at times, but through it all, God is telling me to be content in Him.  When the time is right, He will open the doors for us.  He always has.  Right now He is teaching me to watch the rotation and follow the pitch right down the middle.

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  1. Dad(other one) permalink
    January 28, 2009 1:20 PM

    God is preparing you for something…a crying baby? ok ok mayby not yet… but as I once told you when you were in Houston, He has given you a gift. He will work for you a way to use it for Him.

  2. February 16, 2009 10:46 PM

    oooo…i like that…”teaching me to watch the rotation and follow the pitch right down the middle.” great analogy. and still praying about stuff for you guys. what?? you didn’t think you could get away from us that easily! =]

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