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Day 2 For The New Okla-fornians!

November 21, 2008

Sunny PalmsWell, we have officially had day 2 come and go!  Yesterday was a good day.  We went exploring for most of the afternoon.  We took PCH straight up from Dana Point to Huntington Beach and back.  Unfortunately it was very foggy so we didn’t get the full effect of the ocean and palm trees and such.  Guess we will just have to do it again!  KK is still fighting a little bit of sickness that she has had for about a week now, so pray for that to go away so she can enjoy herself!

Last night we had dinner with some awesome people from Kingsfield Church in Irvine.  We liked them a lot!  It was just crazy to feel at home and welcomed by complete strangers the moment we walked in the door.  They are fun people.  We are planning on going to Kingsfield this weekend and checking it out and doing some lunch with them again!  That will be good times.  

Ok, well day 3 has started already and the weather is AMAZING outside!  We have a lunch meeting with some people from Mariners at noon so we will definitely be taking the Jeep up PCH in this sunny warm weather!  Good lord I love it!  Give us some jobs, a home and some waves and I’m not sure it could get any better (except if we could talk our families into moving out here too!!!!!)!  Ok.  Enjoy that cold weather back home kids!  Sunny California is on!

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