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A New Baby!

November 8, 2008

Fat BabyDon’t you just love it when someone gives birth on a movie and the baby is obviously like 6 months to a year old?  Me too.  Anyway, it is official.  The Alvarez family is now 5 kids strong.  There was a new baby born at 3:27 AM yesterday (yes I was awake then too)!  So yesterday afternoon we made a fun trip to the hospital to go check out the new kid.  She is (not fat, Asian, or male like the baby above) 7 lbs. and an ounce with a little bit of hair and no name.  I believe they want to continue with the M names.  Got any ideas?  I thought Maude was good but they didn’t like it.  Who knows.  So we are now through night #2 with the girls.  We had 3 of them last night and believe it or not the girls didn’t get up once!  The youngest cried for a little bit about 1 AM, but that was it.  Of course we did wake up extremely early (thank you KK for taking care of that) and had Saturday morning movie time in bed.  We watched Enchanted!  Woo hoo.  Well the girls like it…I think.  We spent more time chasing Jack around the bed and playing than watching the movie.  Good times.  Ok.  Off to watch another fun girly kid movie.  Maybe I will sleep.

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  1. Daireth permalink
    November 8, 2008 12:42 PM

    Welcome to my world!! I love Saturday mornings when everyone piles into bed…including Emma (must be a maltese thing). 🙂

    Congrats on the move to Cali!

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