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Time For Kiddos!

November 7, 2008

Sleeping GirlWell, if you read the post first you might think we are pregnant.  We are not…that I know of.  Maybe…  Anyway, Kara-Kae and I are watching 4 kids for a friend of ours that is having her 5th kid.  Wow.  Wear me out.  Well, the kids are sweet but still there are 4 of them.  We actually only had 3 of them last night.  One is 11 so doesn’t take much.  We played MASH to find out who I would marry, where we would honeymoon, where we would live, etc.  Good stuff.  The other two are 4 and 2(ish).  KK put them both to bed last night as I was selling our washer and dryer off Craigslist.  (Wendy we may be coming to hang out a little more now…) 🙂  So when I got back over, I put KK to bed and worked on our MobileMe account.  But before I could get that done, the 4 year old had already gotten up twice!  Good grief.  So throughout the course of the night she ended up getting up and out of bed and coming down to us 6 times!  Ah!  It was ok.  I think KK and I solved all of the world’s problems with her (drinks, spilled drinks in her bed, peeing, wet clothes, new clothes, bug bites, hurt knees, hurt eyes, hurt necks, not liking our bed, Mary Poppins…twice, Belle once, her sister, her other sister, the dog, our dog, and the list goes on and on).  So needless to say I’m a little sleepy this morning, but we will fight on!  You can’t say no to a little 2 year old with a pigtail in her hair!

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  1. mel permalink
    November 7, 2008 10:26 PM

    Aren’t toddlers just the best birth control in the world???

  2. Dad permalink
    November 8, 2008 8:00 PM

    Isn’t it a blessing that they come 1 at a time….usually. I have a feeling it is more fun when you know they will go home in a few days.

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