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Through Thick And Thin

September 17, 2008

So, I am continuously amazed by my wife.  She hasn’t had the easiest life for the last year or so, but if you ever read her blog you wouldn’t know that.  She might tell you that some stuff has been rough, but to tell you the truth it has probably been the hardest year or so of her life.  But no matter what is going on she sticks with me through thick and thin.  

Honestly, I don’t really know what that means.  (I mean, I understand what it means but it doesn’t seem to make tons of sense.  I get the thick part.  You could say, “we are right in the thick of it now” and mean that you are right in the middle of all kinds of crap, but what about the thin part?  I have never heard anyone say, “well I guess we can relax now because we are now in the thin of it!”  So where does the thin part come it?)  But that is beside the point (another phrase I don’t get).  She has been through surgery, giving up a job that she LOVED, moving in with a boy, sickness, birth control, and I don’t have to stop there!  But, no matter what, she is always proving to me that she is always there with me through it all, thick or thin, hard or easy, fun or sucky.  I cannot ask for more than that!  I hope that if the situation is ever reversed that I will be able to fight through things as much as she has!  It’s crazy.  

Maybe one day, you will get the whole story, but I’m telling you, if you are going through some rough spots, talk with my wife!  She knows how to deal with them!  She is simply amazing!

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  1. johnsnyder55 permalink
    September 18, 2008 9:22 PM

    When my wife says she sticks with me through the thick and thin, I think she is referring to my wait. I need to lose about 8-12 pounds. 4 of those pounds being in my face. I have always had chubby cheeks, but they are a little chubbier than normal. Some might say I am storing food for winter, and I would have to agree. I mean I wish I could store food in my cheeks for later. Hey remember when we threw snowballs out of your dorm room that one day. That was funny.

  2. Kara-Kae permalink
    September 20, 2008 9:43 PM

    I love you a lot. I’d do it all over again.

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