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Ah, Week 1 Polls!

September 3, 2008

And they are here!  The start of the craziest process in all of sports!  Don’t ask me how it works because it doesn’t make any sense to me either in the end.  Ok, so there were a few upsets.  Lots of blowouts.  Give me your thoughts?  Are the polls good at the moment?  Do we have the right teams on top?

AP Poll                                            USA Today Poll
1. USC                                            1. USC
2. Georgia                                      2. Georgia
3. Ohio State                                  3. Ohio State
4. Oklahoma                                  4. Oklahoma
5. Florida                                        5. Florida
6. Missouri                                     6. LSU
7. LSU                                             7. Missouri
8. West Virginia                              8. West Virginia
9. Auburn                                       9. Texas
10. Texas                                       10. Aurburn

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  1. johnsnyder55 permalink
    September 4, 2008 2:40 PM

    I think the pools are right so far. USC crushed a team from a decent conference on the road and Georgia beat a nobody at home. Florida looked impressive. I can’t comment on OU until they play somebody, Tennessee Chatanooga does not count even though it is a win. I like that Mizzou can score a lot of points, but their defense looks bad. That is all for now.

  2. johnsnyder55 permalink
    September 4, 2008 2:40 PM

    I said pools but meant polls. oops

  3. September 4, 2008 5:28 PM

    They are getting better, as long as Ohio State is heading down I’m happy! Mizzou looked good as did USC. No more Fluff games, ready to watch OU and UT play somebody for real. At least UT played a D1 school, can’t say the same for OU. Is stoops worried or something with that first game?

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