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I Have A Dream

August 20, 2008

Well, I think I have officially moved to WordPress.  I know the site isn’t perfect and my page is busy/boring and I don’t have my cool palm trees anymore, but there are some other things that I can do here that I couldn’t before.  As you may have noticed I have a couple other pages at the top that you can choose to go to that have been more or less a dream of mine to do.  One of the things that I love to do is help others in their ministries.  Obviously, the music side of that is the easiest thing for me to help with, but still.  There is a church in Amarillo that I have had the chance to help with switching to multiple sites and using a click track and Pro Tools.  That stuff is a blast to me.  

So for those of you that are interested, I am hoping to continue using the other pages on this blog as a tool for other worship leaders.  The more input we have there the better it would be for all of us.  The page Setlists is a page that we can use to share the songs that we are doing and that we like (you don’t have to be a worship leader to give input).  The churches around me aren’t my competition they are my team.  Let’s work together and share some of the basic stuff!  The page Worship Resources at the moment is just a list of the songs that I could email out to someone that needs one of those songs chorded for them or is in a hurry.  I am not sure yet, but hopefully I can figure out a way to just upload stuff to the page itself and cut out the emailing.  But my vision for that page is that we can share some of the actual resources that way.  Maybe just a way of connecting us there.  Who knows.  But its all the start of a vision that I believe could make us better worship leaders and help us realize that we are a team and not competition.

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