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Gotham City

August 15, 2008

I’m gonna be straight and to the point.  Here’s my question for you today.  Is there something corrupt in the judging in the Olympics (judges, French people, China)?  That’s it.  I have heard example after example and I am just curious to know what you think.  

You want some examples?  Here’s a few that I know of.  I am sitting here watching the boxing at the moment and the coach just went off on how the judges are missing 8-10 points today against the American boxers.  I have heard the suggestion that the line for the floor exercise in gymnastics was moved in so that the Chinese would have an advantage while the rest of the world is used to a bigger square.  There is the accusation that the Chinese female gymnasts are underage (I wouldn’t argue that one).  Time after time during the gymnastics the announcers seemed perplexed trying to figure out how the Americans were consistently scored lower when their routines seemed better than others.
That’s just what I have heard.  Anyone else?  Is there actually something wrong here or are we just paranoid and think that everyone is out to get us?  You decide!

No way.
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  1. Derrick Henslee permalink
    August 15, 2008 9:34 PM


    Totalitarian Communist country?

    Naw…they wouldn’t do something like that. They definitely wouldn’t threaten the families of the judges if China doesn’t get some breaks…nor do the Chinese water torture on anyone who asks too many questions on their blog.

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