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World Super Power!

August 12, 2008
Ok.  Can anyone explain to me how China can honestly believe that if their Olympic athletes win the most medals that they are the world’s super power????  I mean I would understand if they were saying that they were an athletic super power, but that isn’t what they said.  They said a world super power.  I mean come on.

That sure strikes fear into my heart!  (I must admit that I have no idea if this specific person is actually Chinese or not…he probably isn’t, but you get the point)  What are they gonna do?  Send the million man army to eat us to death really fast?  HA!  Well, it just doesn’t make sense to me.  And to top that off, how can you force your coaches to sign a contract that says they will not allow their athletes to get hurt?  Are you serious?  Wow.  Ok.  You tell me.  Which one is the picture of a possible world super power?

I mean that little girl bending backwards is a little freaky!
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