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Early Bird Gets The Worm

July 28, 2008

Ok. (I think that probably all my posts are going to start with ok or so.  Apparently that’s how I talk!)  I am awake at the moment so can anyone tell me why our society works so freakin’ early in the morning?  Like Junior here, this is how I feel in the morning when I get up before 10.  There are a couple practical reasons that I will get on board with…well, one.  The earlier our work day starts, the earlier we get home to our families.  That I’m cool with.  But if we all started later, then we would all get home at the same time!  Beyond families, I am not sure I have a good reason that we should get up early.  It’s not like we are going to miss some amazing TV programing that early.  Nothing good comes on until the reruns around 4 anyway.  Seems like everything cool happens after 6 PM and goes until around 1 or 2.  I know grandma used to say that nothing good happens after whatever extremely early bedtime she has, but I’m not sure I agree!

Now granted there are some people that are morning people.  They are a people that I will never understand.  But!  I think there are…well…the sane world that like to sleep a little in the morning.  I think we should start having different start times for morning people and normal people.  I’m pretty sure that if I started work around 10 or 11 I would accomplish more and if I arrived at 8!  
DISCLAIMER: If you are a boss of mine or ever might be, please ignore this post because I will be there whenever you deem necessary!  I’m a good little boy that follows the rules…well, most of them…well, whatever.
Anyway, other than crazy people that go to sleep at 8 PM in college and get up at 6 AM…COUGH…Jason…COUGH, and grandparents that go to bed early (and in all honesty would probably like to sleep in as well), I think we should all join hands across America and do the whole wake up thing later in the morning.  I like getting up to a day that is just starting, not a day that is not really sure if it can make up its mind if it really wants to be day or night.  That is an altogether separate issue that probably requires counseling.
DISCLAIMER 2:  There are a few other things for which I would get up early.  Of course, my wife.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I have feelings for her.  Get over it.  The other reasons would be found ending in “board”.  Yeah.  Wake and snow.  Maybe even throw surfing in there (even though it doesn’t end with “board”).
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  1. kkjames permalink
    July 29, 2008 9:52 AM

    DISCLAIMER: you will wake up early when your children are crying, running around the house, etc. because your wife has to be a normal person and go to work early. So enjoy the next year or so of sleeping in my dear. It all ends when the kiddos arrive 🙂

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